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Kinuta Koen Park in Setagaya Yoga , the true oasis in Tokyo

  Kinuta Park (砧公園) is one of the largest public park in Tokyo, I visited there when I stopped by at Sakura House Yoga 4 chome Guesthouse.  Its so HUGE, really. The park has baseball field, fotoball ground, and cycling road… There is also beautiful art gallery called “Setagaya Art Museum” (世田谷美術館)and french restaurant “Le Jardin“(ル・ジャルダン) And a had nice walk   and lunch at near Yoga station (Tokyu Denen toshi line) Tantan Great place for excising, running, biking, walking, cycling or just relax and read the book on sunny days. Why don’t you visit Yoga for this weekend? Sakura House Monthly Furnished Apartment & Guest House Agency in Tokyo Japan […]

Nite at Nishi-Ogikuno

Old-fashioned glamour at Nishi-Ogikubo. Drink yourself to oblivion…. But before you go check those classic bars, please go to This is the guest house we are very much proud of and it is in the same area!!!