Local Junior school students meet Sakura House residents!

Sakura House always welcome many students of Temple University and those rooms, the link below, are popular by them because of a combination of their price range and location.

You have never seen this Ontakesan Dormitory on our web site.facebook or twitter,however Sakura House provide a student dormitory for Tample university in Ontakesan (御嶽山) Staion of Tokyu-Ikegami Line(東急池上線).
Today it will be revealed….
Here is the entrance of Student Dorm of Ontakesan.
Sakura House came here to help two local junior school students,Okabe-kun and Moriya-kun who needed to interview some people from overseas!
Those school assignment  remains me my school days!
It turned out that is for geography lesson.
Working out side of a school is always enjoyable and exciting, isn’t it?!
I am actually impressed that they started working of their summer homework project that early stage of their summer break!
I wonder my dear little cousion, Showgo does so….
You big sis became a little bit worry about you….
At the beginning, Okabe-kun and Moriya-kun seemed to be a little bit nervous though, they could interview with two Temple University students, John -san and Brain-san using their English skill which they have just learnt.
I hope it was a good opportunity for those university students to hear native young Japanese too.
 ※have agreed to allow use of their pics in advance※
John-san is from Atlanta where is an origin of Coca Cola!
That was a wow factor for everyone!
Brian-san from California who was chilling out at the common area also kindly help them!
Those young students got shocked that it would take a several hours to fly from Atlanta to California! What a huge country the US is!!!
They were also interested in that football (soccer) is not a major activity in the US.
A Sakura House staff, Yunung also joined their project too!
He look so professional! ;op
It is our pleasure and honor to contribute to our local  people like those young students!
We would like to show our special thank to Kudo-san, a manager of Ontakesan Dorm, who also helped organising this opportunity.

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