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Local Gaijin Bar in ASAGAYA

You may know Koenji, or Ogikubo on Chuo-line. But don’ t know Asagaya, which is inbetween those 2 stations. The more you get to about this area, the more you will find it interesting. Definately a great area for people from overseas to live. We would like to intorduce this art/music bar gamuso. This bar shows interesting, experimental shows, drag-show, and so on….. All bartenders there are non-Japanese or Japanese with a great English skill. It is absiolutely worth a visit!!!   Oh,  you would like to learn more about this area….??? Please check


Simply just I could not wait before I finish pressing a shutter button…. Excuse-moi! As you can see, I really enjoyed having a soy milk ice-cream with an organic donut. Here is my favorite organic donut shop again! This time is in Meguro, 目黒! Sakura Houses are located where this brilliant donut shops, Hara Donuts,exist! Are they following us?! As I introduced yesterday, there is one in Kichijoji, Shimokitazawa, Futakotamagawa and so on. 大きな地図で見る This shop is located literally one minute from our MEGURO HEIGHTS (Studio Type Flat). MEGURO HEIGHTS (Studio Type Flat). The photos were taken at room 107


A stylish antique Tokyo gallery? No, it is not. It is actually a Donuts shop! 『はらドーナッツ』HARA DONUTS SHOPS is one of my favorite organic donut shops. The donut shop used to be a TOFU shop for a long time in Kobe so that they use fresh soy milk and soy beans. Good news ladies and gents, we do not need to have the guilty feeling even if we had too much of them. Especially at the Kichijoji branch, you can enjoy your tea break with a table by an antique sewing machine. I love renovating antiques in this way, and Sakura House is based on the policy. This shop is […]

Look what we got!

Have you ever seen this?  It’s called Gu Niang -姑娘 (Apparently, this kanji means young woman) We received it from a resident who visited China! There’s a round thing inside it, tastes like a fruit. Thanks for the treat ^-^  

R U a CHEF? September 11th @Sakura Hostel Asakusa

R U a CHEF? September 11th @Sakura Hostel Asakusa

The LITTLE CHEF is a monthly Sakura Group Event. With a different theme everytime, our guests from all over the world gather to share their secret special recipe. Your original recipe may be chosen for the next SAKURA Cafe&Restaurant Menu! This times theme is “Toppings for Pancakes” What do you put on top of a pancake in your country? Join to share your recipe! We have the “OKINAWA MUSIC NIGHT” event after this! September 11th from 7pm – 8pm @Sakura Hostel ASAKUSA Free Admission(Drink Ticket to be bought for 200yen upon enterance) Anyone, Everyone is welcome! Facebook(English) Tweetvite(Japanese) Please contact  [email protected] for more information or attendance♪

A globe

A globe

I could meet many people from all over the world by working for Sakura House and staying in Guest house. Its been a while since I last saw the globe and strangely, those countries I used to feel very far away, are now very close to me. If you have a chance to come to Tokyo, please visit Sakura House. Here is a link for resident’s nationalities below.

☆Nakano Shimbashi-Sumo Wrestlers☆

  With his casual cloth walking street                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          @ station                                                                                                                                                                                                               Hi Everyone,   It`s cloudy and drizzling  and still toooo humid this morning. How is your day started?   We are already welcomed a couple customers at office!   There was a resident from Nakanoshimbashi Guest House this morning   Speaking of Nakano shimbashi ,  you will see something very Japanese around the area.   What is Japanese origin sport? It is Sumo!  It is a competitive full-contact sport where a wrestler attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring (dohjo) or to touch the ground with anything other than the soles of the feet.   Since  takanohana beya where sumo wrestlers practice is located in Nakanoshimbashi , you […]

at the end of summer

You are at the end of summer. The season you did not welcome but do not want to leave. So now you are in the messy room of your own, close your eyes and picture yourself lying on the silver-shinning beach.   (This Shirahama beach is the one of the most beautiful beach in Honshu Island, I suppose.)

A T-shirt Vending Machine in Shimokitazawa

A T-shirt Vending Machine in Shimokitazawa

I bet this is what you have been expecting from ”Japan”. An unique vending machine selling T-shirts…..1,800yen each. Well this machine is not only a symbol of randomness of Japanese subculture, but also a meaningful box. Those T-shirts were designed by artists such as Kuroda Seitaro, Naoki Urasawa(A Manga creator), Lily Franky and Keiichi Sokabe. This is for a campaign opposing the planned redevelopment of Shimokitazawa. Shimokitazawa is a small town,  well it is more likely a village where has lots of small shops and theatre. It has been really popular place by artist,comedians,actors and musicians for decades.  The town attracts young folks and the local people simply love the place! […]


It has been cool last few days in Tokyo because of rain though, it would take a several more weeks for us to appreciate the atmosphere of fall. If you want to spend your day off somewhere cooler than Tokyo, Hakuba  白馬 can be a good option. Hakuba gets over 30℃ during a day but, you do not need to turn on an air condition in the morning and evening. Hakuba is 30-40 minutes away from Nagano station by drive. Hakuba is a well known place for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding but, you would love there in summer as well. I simply enjoyed breathing the green scenenary […]