A T-shirt Vending Machine in Shimokitazawa

I bet this is what you have been expecting from ”Japan”.
An unique vending machine selling T-shirts…..1,800yen each.
Well this machine is not only a symbol of randomness of Japanese subculture, but also a meaningful box.
Those T-shirts were designed by artists such as Kuroda Seitaro, Naoki Urasawa(A Manga creator), Lily Franky and Keiichi Sokabe. This is for a campaign opposing the planned redevelopment of Shimokitazawa.
Shimokitazawa is a small town,  well it is more likely a village where has lots of small shops and theatre.
It has been really popular place by artist,comedians,actors and musicians for decades.  The town attracts young folks and the local people simply love the place! It is a really hippie place too.
Tokyo metropolitan government and Setagaya-city had planed to reconstruct this groovy area with a lot of characters for disaster prevention in 2003, however  the locals and Shiimokitazawa fans started acting immediately for this issue!
We have been opinionated and made the plans pending now!  A new Setagaya mayor who supports this opposing campaign has been elected as well.
Find this vending machine in front of a record shop,Disk Union, in Shimokitazawa where 5 minutes from Sakura House Shimokitazawa Guest House!


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