Yummy Cube in Uguisudani

Uguisudani, the station always stands out in Yamanote Line.

In this town with completely different air from major district such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, or Harajuku, I found my new favorites.

After the morning work in SAKURA HOUSE Uguisudani, I headed to a kissaten (coffee shop) “Den.”


60′s and 70′s music flowing here matches the nice and cozy looking of this kissaten.

and I ordered what I’ve been longing for.
It takes a while to bake “it,” but no worries.
The taste of music in this kissaten doesn’t bore me.
A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum was great appetizer!

and then,  “it” finally landed on my table.


As its name tells you, Grapan is gratin in pan (*bread in Japanese).
Hmm… maybe it was too big for me.
But anyway,
Shrimp and mushroom gratin inside!

It goes well with both the outer crispy part of the bread and the inner soft part of the bread.
Watch for the crumbles!

Past half way through, another thing I ordered arrived.

Softcream (whipped icecream in Japan) on coffee for dessert!!!
This upside-down cone is Den’s style!
I wonder how long it has been since I ate softcream last time.
Opps, I gotta finish grapan first!

Oh, no! It’s melting!

I barely made it before the cone drops on the table.

Softcream never dissappoints me! :)

Having eaten Uguisudani’s delicacy, my afternoon was much better than the morning.

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  1. Sara Wall
    2011/09/25 at 1:56 PM |
    I took your advice and went to this restaurant on Saturday. It is SOOOOOOOOOO good!!! The place is everything you say. I had the Yummy Cube, they even made me a special vegetarian version with onion and mushroom soup inside. Of course I had to have the coffee/ice cream cone float. Oishi!!!
    The workers are so nice, the food is delicious and the music is great. I will go back again.
    Thank you for the great post!!
    The only problem was that I had to call Sakura House office to get the address, but Masayo-san sent me the address in Google maps and I was able to find it easily.
    Domo arrigato gozaimasu.

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