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On the way to Kameari② apartment

Hello, I will write a blog about kameari 2 apartment This apartments are very popular and many repeaters. At first, the building.   And then, the parking lot   Around the station, There is a shopping mall named イトーヨーカドー. (There are 100 yen shop and supermarket and so on.) I found a bycicle shop. A bycicle shop called サイクルスポット. The cheapest price at the moment would be 6,980 yen. so cheap. The owners of the apartment Kameari 2 are very kind and so helpful. And building is so beautiful. This is a link for Kameari 2. Please visit a website below. You will see how nice they are. See you soon.

<11/5,6 Gardening Show at the Tokyo Metropolitan Engei High School, in the Todoroki area>

There will be an annual gardening show at my old school, the Tokyo Metropolitan Engei High School. The students from the gardening, food and animal department will be selling original items that you can only find in a vocational high school. Gardens made inside a classroom, making original handmade jam, exhibiting their bonsai plants…My personal recommendation is the rose garden exhibit, where you can enjoy over 200 different roses. Why not take a look to enjoy the beautiful Gardening Show? Address: Tokyo Metropolitan Engei High School Fukazawa 5-38-1, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-3705-2154

Tokyo Ramen Show 2011 @ Komazawa Olympic Park

Love Ramen?!  Tokyo Ramen Show 2011, 28 Nation wide famous and popular Ramen shops gathers at Komazawa Olympic Park near Sakura House Komazawa Digaku in Setagaya between Nov 2nd -6th! Special Corroboration Ramen by 2 different Ramen shops is chooo interesting. Especially would like to try  “Tonkotu Ramen” by Ippudo 博多一風堂 meets “Spicy Ramen” by Moko Tanmen Nakamoto (蒙古タンメン中本) Hilarious Event on the main stage of the show, the Air “Yugiri” Championship” エア湯切り選手権.  “Yugiri” (get rid of water of the noodle out of the pot by shaking the strainer) is very important process when the master boiling the Ramen noodle,  not to leave the water on the noodle which makes […]

☆GAMBARE web team☆ website renewal

The Big Project!! after so many meetings and brainstorms…… the brand new Sakura House website will be appeared very soon, from November 1st, it will be completely renewed It’s a lot of work, since our website is displayed in several languages. To make sure all the versions are OK, the web design staff is woking from early to very late for this couple of weeks.   Oh, who can this be !?     Familiar with her backshot?  It’s our “dancing NAO” who is with the guest relation team, usually in the frontline serving guests. As we say in Japanese ” NEKO NO TE MO KARITAI “ ( extremely busy, desperate for any […]

☆Toyama no Kin san☆

Good morning!  It` s  getting chilly this moring, but we have lovely sunshine and nice weather in Tokyo!   Do you like to watch Jidaigeki?  (A general term for films set in various periods of Japanese history.)   Toyama no Kin san is one of popular Japanese Jidaigeki and I was very surprised to know that his cemetery is around our lovely Sugamo Guest House.                                                                                                                            Here is the info about Tokyama no Kin san. Check this out!     Toyama Kinshiro is a samurai-era playboy who loves sake. However, like Mito Komon and Ooka Echizen before him, this is merely a false identity.  He is really a magistrate, […]

Japan Local Character Festival “YURU KYARA” (ゆるキャラまつり) Kawaii?

Hikonyan (ひこにゃん) character of  Hikone city, Shiga prefecture.  Cute little Maneki Neko (招き猫 Welcoming Cat) Kumamon (くまモン) from Kumamoto.  Kuma(熊) stand for a bear in Japanese. Yanana (やなな) from Gifu City, a mermaid of  Watarase River Many local cities in Japan has own cute and heartwarming PR character called “Yuru Kyara ” (ゆるキャラ).  Its became very popular among chiildren and also adults  so that  Hikone city, located east japan, the mecca of “Yuru Kyra” hosts annual Local Character Festival “Yuru Kyara Matsuri” (ゆるキャラまつり). During the Festival more than 200 local character gathers at Hikone city.  More than 3.5 million fans visit the festival to meet them! Each character performed on the stage […]

a vegetarian restaurant in Yotsuya 3 chome

a vegetarian restaurant in Yotsuya 3 chome

At Yotsuya 3 chome station This is the restaurant 600 yen Lunch box The other day, I found the vegetarian restaurant in Yotsuya 3 chome. This is my first time to eat a vegetarian foods. It was substantialicious and very delicious. Store’s name:Loving Hut(ラビングハット) Address: Shinjuku-ku, Yotsuya 3 chome 6-15 2F Phone number:03-6807-9625

Asagaya Jazz Festival This Weekend!!!

It doesn’t matter whether you love Jazz or you don’t. Just walk around Asagaya area this Friday and Saturday and you will get to see many people playing music at the temples, schools, stations, and on the streets! I just happened to see the poeple playing Jazz at the festival last year and had such a great time by myself. If you are Sakura House resident living near Asagaya area, you MUST come!!! Minami Asagaya Apt. Nishi Ogikubo GH. Higashi Nakano C GH. Toritsukase GH. Nakano Apt.

Time Takes Its Toll / Kodaira

Hey Sakura people. How often do you find a house like this in Tokyo? Not very often. It belongs to the Murano family, a former village headman of Yanagikubo. In spite of all difficulties such as social structural change and inheritance tax, the family kept its house for generations until today. My hats off to them. _ The Gate _ The House The Shrine The Stream The Woods _ Near by Sakura House KODAIRA Bye for now.  

Nagoya-style coffee shop

What kind of tea break did you have today? Something like that? No way! Every time is too much right? I chose coffee shops not only their taste but also their atmosphere. Today,I will introduce Nagoya-style coffee shops. In Nagoya,if you order coffee,it comes toast and egg for free! New shop at Ikebukuro has been opened and I tried it last time. I ordered sandwich set.It tasted good! By the way,speaking of Ikebukuro West Exit,there is Sakura Cafe. It offer “All-you-can eat breakfast” for 320 yen(5AM to 11AM). Why don’t you go there in every morning with feeling hungry?