Japan Local Character Festival “YURU KYARA” (ゆるキャラまつり) Kawaii?

Hikonyan (ひこにゃん) character of  Hikone city, Shiga prefecture.  Cute little Maneki Neko (招き猫 Welcoming Cat)

Kumamon (くまモン) from Kumamoto.  Kuma(熊) stand for a bear in Japanese.

Yanana (やなな) from Gifu City, a mermaid of  Watarase River
Many local cities in Japan has own cute and heartwarming PR character called “Yuru Kyara ” (ゆるキャラ).  Its became very popular among chiildren and also adults  so that  Hikone city, located east japan, the mecca of “Yuru Kyra” hosts annual Local Character Festival “Yuru Kyara Matsuri” (ゆるキャラまつり).
During the Festival more than 200 local character gathers at Hikone city.  More than 3.5 million fans visit the festival to meet them! Each character performed on the stage and PR their city for tourism and products.
What is your favorit “Yuru Kyara” Charactor?
Should Sakura House invent Yuru Kyara??
BTW Tokyo’s local Yuru Kyara is… Noppon Brothers Promoting Tokyo Tower… May be we should display them in Sakura House Hamamatucho located very close to Tokyo Tower.

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