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a SECRET TOY vending machine, Gashapon

a SECRET TOY vending machine, Gashapon

I found a secret toy vending machine in Kameari. ひみつ means secrets I paid 100 yen for this toy. Let’s open♪ What do I get? 「…。」 I guess the person created this unique machine is probably glad at the moment.

Sakura House Futsal !!

After staying quiet for a while after the earthquakes, we finally restarted SAKURA HOUSE FUTSAL from September, the most recent game was the 27th of November in Minami-asagaya. Just 12 people gathered up, and assembling 2 teams together, we played in 2 hours, working up a good sweat. Everyone played safe with no injuries, and overall the futsal was very popular. We’ll definitely be playing again, so if anyone is interested please give us a call!

Japanease TV series dramas, “Kaseifu no Mita”

Did you watched the final episode of ” Goh, Sengoku Prinses 江 姫たちの戦国” on NHK Taiga Drama yesterday night? When you finish watching Taiga Drama of NHK, start feel the end of the year… The story is about the life of 3 princes of 織田信長 Oda Nobunaga‘s (the first man to conquer all of Japan) nieces of Sengoku to early Edo period. The drama itself became a bit boring after 豊臣秀吉Toyogomi Hideyoshi death…. Next year’s Taiga Drama will be 『平清盛 Taira no Kiyomori』, its the story about Heian period The most watched and populer TV series NOW would be NTV “Kaseifu no Mita” (The Housekeeper Ms. Mita 家政婦のミタ) It’s Home Comedy, […]

Wanna have some fun? Try SAKURA HOUSE Otsuka B! :)

Wanna have some fun? Try SAKURA HOUSE Otsuka B! :)

Has a share house/guest house ever been an option for your accomodation? Well, it may be a little awkward for some first timers. But let’s take a look at the example in SAKURA HOUSE Otsuka B “Pakky House.” They tell you why you should try a share house/guest house for your accomodation in Tokyo. As I arrived at Pakky House in the Sunday afternoon, the kitchen already smelled so good. Chatting and preparing variety of food.   This is a MUST! British stew, German potato, drunken chicken, tofu steak, okonomiyaki, inari-zushi, yakisoba, fresh organic salad, and banana cake. Cheers! The youngest guest of the day. He never looked scared during […]

Welcome Party @ Sakura House Motosumiyoshi

Welcome Party @ Sakura House Motosumiyoshi

Hello all. Sakura House Motosumiyoshi is known as one of the warm cozy shared house, and the lovely landlord helds parties pretty often. This time, it was a welcome party for new residents. Thank you Mr and Mrs SUZUKI for hosting! Great food and so much to drink! Cheers!!!              Everyone looks happy happy♪ Lovely group shot!   Thanks to everyone for the fun hours! BTW, the Sakura House staff which attended the party, LIANG is from Inner-Mongolia, China. She is such a happy person, sometimes askes if she is alredy drinking from mid-day. lol Please check out our website for more info about Sakura House Motosumiyoshi。 There is going to be […]

Yoshinoya Soba

Many of you might already know, but I surely did not know that there are soba version of Yoshinoyas around. I am really fussy about my soba.. They were pretty good for the price.


The rules of shogi are quite similar to chess but the difference is that players can reuse captured pieces as their own. That why it’s very complicated and difficult to do. Thanks to advancements in computer technology,Deep Blue(IBM computer) defeated Mr.Kasparov(the Wolrd champion) in 1997. When it comes to Shogi, software programs have reached a level equal to top amateur players. The best game was Mr.Watanabe Ryuo(title’s name) VS Bonanza(computer)in 2007,and he managed to win… It’s a just matter of time before computer win. By the way,the shogi kaikan(head quater of Japan Shogi Association) is located at Sendagaya and the other day I visited first time and found fancy souvenirs. […]

World Tea Tasting Rally

Hello. How are you  today? It is getting colder therse days. Do you like having tea? If so, please join ” World Tea Tasting Rally” on Decembder 3rd in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya. You can try various teas from around the world. Please check it out. 

These pictures might remind you of life in Tokyo.

Tokyo tower. This might remind you of a memory in tokyo life.   I feel staying in Tokyo from these pictures. Just beatiful. Pictures from Hamamatsucho.

☆Gokokuji Temple☆

Good morning, everyone! How` s everything?   Look at this great Gokokuji Temple.   I had chance to drop by this Gokokuji Temple  last week after room viewing at Gokokuji 2 Guest House.     I really enjoyed walking around the Temple area under the clear blue sky.     Let me introcude you about this beautiful Gokokuji Temple briefly.   Gokokuji is a Shingo Buddhist Temple in Bunkyo ku Tokyo.   This Buddhist temple was established by the fifth shogun Tokugawa, Tsunayoshi, who dedicated it to his mother.   It is notable for having survived the American bombings during the war, whereas most other historical sites in Tokyo were turned into rubble – including […]