The rules of shogi are quite similar to chess but the difference is
that players can reuse captured pieces as their own.
That why it’s very complicated and difficult to do.
Thanks to advancements in computer technology,Deep Blue(IBM computer) defeated Mr.Kasparov(the Wolrd champion) in 1997.

When it comes to Shogi, software programs have reached a level equal to top amateur players.

The best game was Mr.Watanabe Ryuo(title’s name) VS Bonanza(computer)in 2007,and he managed to win…
It’s a just matter of time before computer win.

By the way,the shogi kaikan(head quater of Japan Shogi Association) is located at Sendagaya
and the other day I visited first time and found fancy souvenirs.



I got this!

My favorite piece is “Keima” same as knight in Chess.
Check you later♪

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