Wanna have some fun? Try SAKURA HOUSE Otsuka B! :)

Has a share house/guest house ever been an option for your accomodation?

Well, it may be a little awkward for some first timers.

But let’s take a look at the example in SAKURA HOUSE Otsuka B “Pakky House.”

They tell you why you should try a share house/guest house for your accomodation in Tokyo.

SAKURA HOUSE Otsuka B "Pakky House"

SAKURA HOUSE Otsuka B "Pakky House"

As I arrived at Pakky House in the Sunday afternoon, the kitchen already smelled so good.
Chatting and preparing variety of food.


This is a MUST!

British stew, German potato, drunken chicken, tofu steak,

okonomiyaki, inari-zushi, yakisoba, fresh organic salad, and banana cake.


The youngest guest of the day.

He never looked scared during the party.

50 days in this world were more than enough for him to learn how he is expected to be.

The homemade umeshu (plum wine) was thick and so tasty!

Our staff helped making them last year.

This cake was not homemade, but good enough to catch the kid’s attention.

Good job, man! It’s not your birthday though.

Playing a brain-bursting game using different languages.

My brain couldn’t catch up.

The British trio singing the songs by The Beatles while washing the dishes.

These people definitely know how to enjoy and take advantage of share house/guest house.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful time!

SAKURA HOUSE and SAKURA HOUSE Otsuka B “Pakky House” are waiting for your stay! :)

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