Japanease TV series dramas, “Kaseifu no Mita”

Did you watched the final episode of ” Goh, Sengoku Prinses 江 姫たちの戦国” on NHK Taiga Drama yesterday night?
When you finish watching Taiga Drama of NHK, start feel the end of the year…
The story is about the life of 3 princes of 織田信長 Oda Nobunaga‘s (the first man to conquer all of Japan) nieces of Sengoku to early Edo period.
The drama itself became a bit boring after 豊臣秀吉Toyogomi Hideyoshi death….

Next year’s Taiga Drama will be 『平清盛 Taira no Kiyomori』, its the story about Heian period

The most watched and populer TV series NOW would be NTVKaseifu no Mita” (The Housekeeper Ms. Mita 家政婦のミタ)
It’s Home Comedy, but the Ms. Mita (Mita-san) played by Matsushima Nanako is very scary and the irresponsible father of the family
played by Hasegawa Hiroki is just a great cast.   I look forward next episode every  Wednesday。
Mita-san’s famous lines
“Understood, sir 「承知いたしました」”
“is this the order, sir? 「これは業務命令でしょうか」”
became children’s  favorite conversation in the schools.
The most well know Japanease Atcor Kimura Takuya (Kimutaku 木村拓哉) played the member of the first Japan’s expedition to Antarctica when we recoveing the lost of World War 2. The movie “Antarctica Sroty” (Nankyoku Monogatari 南極物語) main role played by Takakura Ken 高倉健 is actually more famous among us.
The Hollywood made re-make of this film.
As for the current TV series, the audience rating is not as good as its expected. but if you focus on pretty and brave dogs for the sled, its actually not that bad.
I use to and still am watch a lots of  TV Dramas from US and UK to learn real language. not only once but repeatedly to learn English.
Its helped me a lot in the real life and good way to learn the real Japanese conversational skill
Especially Merlose Place! The story about the frendship and relationship of the residents of Malrose place.
The later seasons become pretty love and hate relationship but hope our Sakura House residents get good friendship in our houses!
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