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Burger Time @ Roppongi

Do you guys get sick of eating Japanese food everyday? I sure love going Japanese all the way when it comes to eating. But I really miss eating solid western food from time to time. Fatty but yummy…Mmm. Here is the pic of  a burger that I had for lunch, when I was around Sakura House Roppongi C. TGI Friday’s. Where do you guys go? When you miss some food from back home?

Wishes and Smiles From Sakura House Crew

★★Wishing you a joyous holiday season & all the best that the NEW YEAR can bring★★   Sakura House has over1600 rooms and apartments across the capital city of Japan. Japanese,Chinese,Korean,English,Spanish,French,German and Russian. Our multilingual staff are always excited to see you and help you find your best accommodation. ★Warm Wishes and Smiles From Sakura House Crew★

New Year’s Party @ Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro

Hey guys, Don’ t know what to do for the New Year’s eve? No worries. How about coming along to the final event for the year!? Drink up sake, and have some traditional Japanese food. Will be sweet as. Don’ t for get to see the first sunrise for the year 2012! From the Sunshine City building! IN JAPAN!!! Make it unforgettable!

Exotic (?) Ramen

Exotic (?) Ramen

Kitasenju station (Adachi-ku, Tokyo) Surrounded by the popular commercial facilities such as Lumine, Marui (OI), Tokyu Hands and many others, Kitasenju is one of the major terminals, where JR line, Tokyo Metro line, Tobu line, Tsukuba Express line connects. While these train lines provide easy access to Shibuya, Nakameguro, and Ginza, this district is well known for the peaceful riverside environment of Arakawa river. You can enjoy jogging or cycling everyday, and the riverside fireworks by Arakawa river is one of the most popular fireworks in summer in Japan. “A very unique ramen in Kitasenju!” There was no reason not to visit the restaurant when I heard this. As you […]

“Multi Culture Party” @ Otsuka B

                                  Last Sunday I visited “Otsuka B” (a.k.a”Pakky House“) home party, each guest and owner’s friend brought many kinds of specialities. For Example Sweets from Bangladish , Stew from Malaysia and Vegan Yakisoba etc… Most amazing dish was “Choclate Fountain” (see above Foto). We dipped straberry, apple, banana and  marshmallow in sweet chocolate source. It was really tasty and best party food!                 The owner “Pakky:-D ” (wears grey sweater on the left pictuer) organized homey culture exchange party every month at “Otsuka B” . This time 6 countries (Bangradish, Malaysia, […]

We’ve got new colleagues

Bonenkai at Sakura House Shinjuku office

We have 11days left this year. In Japan, people have a lot of end year parties(Bonenkai)this season. Of cource, we had one last night! It started at 19:00 in Sakura House office. We announced the party, but it was short notice. We were worried about how many people were coming. …however, here it is. We were surprised to see more people than we expected. The office is full. We added the extra chairs. Participants were not only residents, but also ex-residents and people who were going to check in our houses! Of cource, there were regular members for parties. We were happy to see these smiles. Thank you very much […]

☆Japanese snack☆

Hi Everyone,   How was your weekend going?     I bought tons of snack yesterday, since my favorite snack were sale price!   Do you notice the size difference?  These Potato Chips are Super Big Size!!!                 Pocky!! ☆Strawberry taste is highly recommended☆       This Piza Potato is one of my favorite snack. Have you ever tried this before?  ♪ Yummy♪ Enjoy your Monday with Yummy snack♪ LOL

Intelligent Japanese Vending Machine

Do you know what this is? It’s not a large TV, it’s not just a oversized box, it’s the new ACURE vending machine! Japan is known for it’s various vending machines, now we have a new intelligent vending machine with 47-inch touch screen with a camera! The smart camera recognizes the individuals height, sex, approx age, than blinks the most recommended drink in stock! When I stood in front, it recommended me “energy drink”  (@_@;) I must’ve looked very tired!  When this smart vending machine is idle they put on an advertisement movie relevant to the season, weather and time of day! wow… If you are around in Shinjuku, wanting to try, I know […]

Two Cups of Hot Milk With You

Good morning, everyone. Isn’t that great if we can have those hot milk from the beginning of a day! I had a chance to visit Fujiko.F.Fujio Museum again and could not help ordering those hot milk! They serve you this coaster and make you cry with the happiness. Yes, the scenes from the Doraemon’s first episode! Those hot milk make your heart warmer too! I hope you have a happy day.