Standing eat style!!

Recently most commuters are fighting with their own jam-packed schedule not just in business hours but even in a leisure time. It becomes more realistic, obvious, and experimental to discover by entering Tokyo, and the prevalence of stand-up dining, Step off most any train in the city and you are likely lured with quick dining spots filled with people scarifying down meals in a couple of minutes. All of this might give you the following question: Why do Tokyoites embrace eating erectly so often?
Less dining time but less quality was, without any doubt, a basic awareness among the visitors to any fast dining spots…… however this kind stereotype no longer exists and a high-quality foods can be seen at most spots.
Today I am introducing “YUDE-TAROU” soba restaurant with their fancy service policy as “eat-double by the same amount of payment with a high quality…..”
Your challenge can be accepted any time and Enjoy this monster piled soba!!

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