Surprise Treats From Sushi Rock Star☆Residents

Dear those who hate eating raw fish.
Come to Japan to have some SUSHI!?
This colourful wrapping sushi is made from only vegetables and rice!

Maybe some of you believe that SUSHI always has to contain some kind of fish…, but Sushi means literally vinegar-soaked rice.
If you already like having sushi for your lunch or dinner then, why don’t you learn how to cook properly while you visit in Tokyo.
Look at those very unique sushi.
These are cooked by one of our Sakura House resident, Carlos, from Brazil who attended TOKYO SUSHI ACADEMY for a month.
He was staying in Sakura House, SHIN OKUBO APARTMENT during his course. 20111210-210222.jpg
I have never seen such bright colour sushi…very Brazilian indeed.
The Sakura House staff, Frederik and Clothilde are enjoying? the burning sensations of wasabi and peckish Naoshi is just about join the groove…
Thankfully TOKYO SUSHI ACADEMY students often bring their great work with them when they visit our office!
We really enjoy these kind of surprises!
It is always nice to see our residents having a great time in Tokyo and we can be part of that.
I am not saying that being part is not only eating their sushi though…
sushi image

TOKYO SUSHI ACADEMY is providing its own unique course for everyone.

Sakura House is very honour to say that our rooms are available just stone’s throw away and assist you to find your best accommodation.


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