Bonenkai at Sakura House Shinjuku office

We have 11days left this year.

In Japan, people have a lot of end year parties(Bonenkai)this season.
Of cource, we had one last night!

It started at 19:00 in Sakura House office.

We announced the party, but it was short notice.
We were worried about how many people were coming.

…however, here it is.

We were surprised to see more people than we expected.

The office is full.
We added the extra chairs.

Participants were not only residents,

but also ex-residents and people who were going to check in our houses!

Of cource, there were regular members for parties.

We were happy to see these smiles.

Thank you very much for everyone!

We suppose you have a lot of parties for this season,
but please be careful not to drink so much.

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