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Fortune vending machine in a shrine

Some Sakura House staff have been introducing you some random vending machines in towns occasionally. T-shirts in Shimokitazawa , Flower Bouquet in Shinjuku Station,Milk in Kamata,Tokyo Gachopon Toy, Hightech Digital Screen, . Today I have got an another one for you!This is what you expect from Japan, right?! This is the oldest in Meguro area and a calm peaceful spot. 大鳥神社 OTORI SHRINE 大きな地図で見る 200yen per one fortune! Here is a randomness of Japan! Traditional meets (Low)Technology and reducing labor fee successfully. We have some apartment rooms in this area too. Meguro Apartment Meguro Heights Meguro B

JRW!! Japan Restaurant Week!

Have you ever tried Michelin tree star restaurant? Now the number of restaurants with Michelin three-star rankings in Tokyo has outstripped of Paris! The Japan Restaurant Week is a gourmet festival giving large number of people the chance to taste great food with good price! This Festival is until 19.Feb! Please try and share good time with people!

鍋 Nabe – Hearty wintertime feast

KONNICHIWA! Still so cold everyday…… On these cold winter days, I love to warm myself up with one of these feasts… 鍋 NABE !! Nabe are hearty wintertime all time favorites.Did you know there are many kinds of Nabe? すき焼き SUKIYAKI Thinly sliced beef w/ vegi in a sweet soy sauce flavor. しゃぶしゃぶ SHABU-SHABU Thinly sliced beef quickly cooked in a broth. ちゃんこ CHANKO Hearty stew with various ingredients, the basic meal for SUMO wrestlers ぼたん鍋 BOTAN NABE Stew w/ wild boar meat どて鍋 DOTE NABE Miso flavored stew w/ oyster and vegi 石狩鍋 ISHIKARI NABE Miso flavored stew w/ salmon and vegi. Hokkaido style. Well, it can be called NABE […]

Wendy’s made Comeback to Japan!

My favorite burger shop, Wendy’s made comeback to Japan! A few years before, Wendy’s withdrowed from Japan…. it was sad…. New shop opened in Omotesando, Harajuku at the end of last year. Had Wendy’s burger, baked potato with chili! How was the taste? Well…It was not as good as before… bit more expensive than it used to be…. The meat pate was thick and and it was good. The shop is located close to Sakura House Harajuku A, B, C and E house and Harajuku Imperial heights

☆Party Time@Sakura House Shinjuku office☆

Good morning, everyone! How was your day started? Hope everything`s going well !  We had a couple celebration @ office yesterday! Check them out!    Friendship Party ♪ It was sooooo great to see  soooo many residents @office last night! Hope you had good time (●^o^●)   The Chinese New Year has been started since yesterday! Happy  New Year! Our staff , Ms.Liang &Ms.Lim Celebrating with Lovely Smile♪ Look at the 福 Happiness , red decoration over the PC  LOL  Again, Happy Chinese New Year! & Enjoy your Tuesday!

The big first steps from Estonia!

It’s the second time for us to have snow in Tokyo this year. Who loves being the first one to make foot prints in fresh snow!!! Well those two gents from the snowy  country,Estonia,  made their big foot prints in Japan! We are very honour to introduce you about our new crew member of Sakura House! Ta-dah!! Welcome to Sakura House,Steven! His mum is a Finn and his dad is Ukrainians so that he is now the another our multilingual staff  who speaks four languages. Russian,Estonian, English and Japanese! He is the first Estonian staff who has ever worked in Sakura House! Oi, Steven-san, what have you got with your […]

Free Japanese Lesson in Tokyo (Kanda) Vol 2

Free Japanese Lesson in Tokyo (Kanda) Vol 2

KONNICHIWA! It’s so cold recently….. Everyone doing well? Looking for a free Japanese lesson in Tokyo? Kanda Gaigo Career College( KGCC) is offering a free lesson again! for 9 lessons in total, completely free even if you attend all 9 times. Why it’s free? It’s because the teachers for this lesson is a volunteer trainees assigned from the JOCV( Japan Over-Seas Cooperation Volunteers) program Don’t miss the chance!! Feb 7th  – Mar 6th Every Tuesday & Friday 3pm~5pm @Kanda Gaigo Honbu Bldg (see map at the bottom of the page) The lesson will be an introductory level, perfect for beginners, starting with the useful everyday phrases. and just 2min away […]

Sakura Blooming at Sakura House Office

Hey sakura people, How you guys all going? Getting a bit cold these days hey? Some of the sakura twigs that we got from Yamagata are already starting to bloom! They must reckon it’s spring! How about planning your ‘hanami’ for this year? It’s never too early… Don’t drink too much, and behave though.. This link might help?

Keep yourself warm with a pretty kitten :)

Keep yourself warm with a pretty kitten :)

We had the very first snow for this winter in Tokyo today. If you look outside from a warm office, it’s like a beautiful gift from the sky. Once you step outside, however, you can’t help shivering and running into a warm coffee shop. On such a cold day, it is fun to look around and search for some warm snacks. Look what I got today! It’s Nikuman with a popular kitten‘s face! Doesn’t it warm your heart as well? Don’t say it looks like a skull! 🙁 How do you like this nikuman compared to Slyme Nikuman sold at another convenience store the other day? It’s not as shocking […]

☆Blue Sky☆

Good morning everyone! How`s your morning started? Hope you` re in a good mood! I had some chance to see the beautiful sky for the  passed couple weeks.   Check them out!      @Sado Island on Jan 1st 2012- With beaufiul clouds!     @ Numabukuro – The Clear Jet Stream!   On my way to Numabukuro 1&2Apt.   @Uguisudani- The Deep Blue Sky! In front of Uguisudani building ☆Enjoy your Thursday☆