The big first steps from Estonia!

It’s the second time for us to have snow in Tokyo this year.
Who loves being the first one to make foot prints in fresh snow!!!

Well those two gents from the snowy  country,Estonia,  made their big foot prints in Japan!
We are very honour to introduce you about our new crew member of Sakura House!


Welcome to Sakura House,Steven!
His mum is a Finn and his dad is Ukrainians so that he is now the another our multilingual staff  who speaks four languages.
Russian,Estonian, English and Japanese!
He is the first Estonian staff who has ever worked in Sakura House!

Oi, Steven-san, what have you got with your PC….???

Yes a Sumo wrestler BARUTO’s wining record.
BARUTO is the Sumo wrestler in the news these days!
He is the first Sumo wrestler from Estonia who has reached the top division and  recorded his first championship yesterday!
He made a huge step  for a grand champion wrestler!

Actually Sakura Group just had sumo tours this month!
Steven went to crazy for cheering his hometown hero!

Please check at Sakura Hostel Asakusa Vanessa’s Blog 2012/1/19 for more details about the Sumo tour!


My first step to Tallinn, Estonia in 2007 with great respect!

I take my hat off to those Estonian guys who are so brave to come over to Japan and make their lives in such a different country!
Japan loves to have you!

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