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鍋 Nabe – Hearty wintertime feast

KONNICHIWA! Still so cold everyday…… On these cold winter days, I love to warm myself up with one of these feasts… 鍋 NABE !! Nabe are hearty wintertime all time favorites.Did you know there are many kinds of Nabe? すき焼き SUKIYAKI Thinly sliced beef w/ vegi in a sweet soy sauce flavor. しゃぶしゃぶ SHABU-SHABU Thinly sliced beef quickly cooked in a broth. ちゃんこ CHANKO Hearty stew with various ingredients, the basic meal for SUMO wrestlers ぼたん鍋 BOTAN NABE Stew w/ wild boar meat どて鍋 DOTE NABE Miso flavored stew w/ oyster and vegi 石狩鍋 ISHIKARI NABE Miso flavored stew w/ salmon and vegi. Hokkaido style. Well, it can be called NABE […]