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Tokyo Sky Tree Construction Finished Today at the Leap Year 2012

The most tallest tower in the world  Tokyo Sky Tree the new land mark of Tokyo, construction finished today officially! Today, February 29th, will be the day to remember as the leap year and hard snowing day of Tokyo. Tokyo Sky Tree Observatory deck will be open May 22nd and it will attract many tourists.  The reservation of the observatory  entry will be started from March 22nd. But to enter the observatory deck between May 22nd- July 10th, the advance reservation will be necessary. We have several premises you can enjoy to look at Tokyo Sky Tree UP Close like above everyday! Sakura House Kinshicho C Sakura House Oshiage A […]

I found a “Bouldering gym” near the Sakura House Office!

Do you know what “Bouldering” is? It’s a sport that is popular amongst young people, and it’s so easy to do!! It’s just opened, and it’s 3 minutes away from Sakura House Office. After 7pm, just 1575 yen and you can enjoy until midnight! Why not give it a try after visiting us? Climbing gym ASCALADE 10:00am -24:00am 7 days a week!

Renovation !

Now we have started new project “Before After Project” ! There is empty room at Sakurahouse Omori, we are planning to paint wall and deliver new furniture. We visited IKEA last week and picked up nice items! Today we will have also meeting ! Once we furnished we will update soon! If you have any idea please!!!

“Kissen”, Fancy & Secret Sushi Bar @ Ginza, Tokyo

Don’t need to say anything… this picture explain everything. I had a opportunity to visit a secret snug Sushi Bar “Kissen” in Ginza. Only 6 seats in the counter. Tuna (Toro and Otoro) Kohada Seki Aji, homemade pickled ginger was excellent match. Thank you chief, Yoshino-san for the great time!

TV-Talk Show with Foreigners about their countries

TBS broadcasts a Talk show program named 「Sekai no minna ni kiitemita」 from 11:50 p.m. on every Wednesday. Foreign people from all over the world talk about their countries.   We can see how different we have in culture, trend and so on. I sometimes watch it, it is very interesting to know and understand different things from other countries. If you watch it with your house mate, it might make you to talk about your country.

Sushi-Making Workshop@Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

Sushi-Making Workshop@Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

Many of you may like sushi–but–have you ever thought of making it yourself? Well, Sakura Cafe Hatagaya hosted a sushi-making workshop this weekend. Among the people who signed up were Sakura House residents who were ready to try their culinary skills. Colorful ingredients were placed on the table next to steamed rice and nori sheets. We put on our gloves, carefully placed the ingredients and started rolling. We made two kinds of sushi: Gimbap which is a popular Korean sushi roll with sesame oil  and Shikaimaki, a square version of futomaki. They came out beautiful–and tasted delicious! We had another fun workshop following the sushi event. Actually, it was a […]

Thank you card and flowers from a SAKURA HOUSE resident.

Konnichiwa from SAKURA HOUSE in Shinjuku with those lovely pink annual baby’s-breath, carnations and roses. Our company name, SAKURA (Cherry Blossom) is also the one of pink flowers too. We received that beautiful bouquet from our resident Anna from Sweden. What a super surprise! She is now traveling around and spends sometime overseas though, she is coming back to Japan and reserving her new place from Sakura House rooms. It’s been honour for us to provide our service to her. We would like you to know that we cannot give you all of what your request sometimes, however we always try providing our very best to the all customers. Anna […]


Hey guys, It’s a cold Saturday here in Tokyo. I was just thinking about the weather, that Tokyo or even whole of Japan used to be a lot colder than what it is now when I  was a kid. The real winter won’t even kicks in until February these days. I guess it’s happening all around the globe now. Have you guys ever though about going Skiing or Snowboarding whilst you are in Japan?I would say the time is now. If you are thinking of skiing in the world famous powder snow,then you must go to Hokkaido. However, there are a lot of ski resorts in Nagano as well. Nagano is only […]

Samgyeopsal, Korean Pork Grill @ Shinjyuku, Tokyo

Samgyeopsal it’s Korean BBQ and became very popular in Japan these days. The thick pork meat grill with kimchi Makes me hungry again for Samgyoepsal! You can find many restaurant in Shinjuku and Okubo, the korean town, area near Sakura House Shinokubo

Indian Night at Omori!

At Omori Sakura House Apartment we had so called “Indian Night” ! We cooked Indian specialities like Chapati, Dal, Curry all Vegan! And you can buy Indian Food Stuff at following shop! near by Omori! Shop Name:Indobazaar Address:5-20-6 Kamata Ota-ku Tokyo