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Study time ② ! How to write the country name in Kanji with one letter☆

 Hi everyone : ) Do you remember the last time we studied how to write  the country name in Kanji with one letter ?? So this time, why not keep continuing it with more countries ??  I am sure you can hardly find them even on Japanese newspapers !! I also didn’t know most of them in here…  (・∀・。)(-∀-。)(・∀・。)(-∀-。)  Continuing from last time, let’s start with common nationality in Sakura House. : ) I know some are no longer one letter though.. Turkey ⇒ 土 Nepal ⇒ 泥婆羅 Israel ⇒ 以色列 Sri Lanka ⇒ 錫蘭 Colombia ⇒ 哥 Mongolia ⇒ 蒙 Algeria ⇒ 留 Luxembourg ⇒ 盧森堡 Ghana ⇒ 加納 Argentina ⇒ 爾 […]

Ham Festival!

The other day, there was a ham festival at the Italian Bar, “Oliviero”. For a limited period, proscuitto uncured ham is 1,000 yen for all-you-can-eat! It is great grabbing proscuitto ham with your bear hands!It is also great eating and drinking with the people you love. This Ham Festial that is held for one week every few months or so is a real treat. Why don’t you come and join us and enjoy the fantastic juicy ham at Bar Oliviero? We’ll look forward to seeing you! 2-4-1, Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo TEL: 080-3477-2092 Hours: Mon – Fri 6pm to 3am (and more)

Art Recommendation

Last Saturday there was a Roppongi art night, I visited a music event space called  “Superdeluxe”. They hold a different event every day and amuse all art lovers. Especially last night there was a session where a music band and a painter worked together.  The painter created beautiful picture during while the band performed. This space is located in Roppongi but it is not like other Roppongi  clubbing locations. Here you can enjoy real modern art! You can check the coming event under the following URL. URL:    

Have you been to 皇居Imperial Palace? Walking tour on March 25th, or Jog!?

Have you been to 皇居Imperial Palace? Walking tour on March 25th, or Jog!?

If you are a Japanese Castle lover, you may already know… The greenery spotted in middle of Tokyo on the map is… where the 江戸EDO castle was. Now it’s where the imperial palace is, and the residence of our emperor and his family. The 皇居Kokyo (imperial Palace) is sometimes called the ” Central Park of Tokyo” with it’s rich greenery, the size, and the fabulous scenery. It’s also known as one of the popular jogging course in Tokyo, especially for the office workers and tourists staying around in the Tokyo station area.   If you are not too keen on the jog, why don’t you join our walking tour this […]

The vending machine with idea

There is a vending machine near Sakura House office in Shinjuku. It looks a common one, but Periodically discount drinks are displayed. There is even the drink for 50 yen. Before this was 50 yen. If you walk around Tokyo, you will see so many vending machines. But I  have actually never seen this kind of discount vending machine. It might be simple idea but good!! The place.

Soba love

Have you heard of Jindaiji Temple before? The temple is renown for its beauty of course, but famous for having more than 20 Soba restaurants around the temple. I have tried about 8 restaurants so far, and all are really good. It’s almost impossible to say which restaurant is the best…. If i must choose one, then it’s Ikkyu-An. Make sure to go for ‘Ikkyu soba’. They run out pretty quick though. Access to Jindaiji Temple JR Chuo line Kichijoji, or Mitaka Sation Keio line Tsutsujigaoka, or Chofu Station

Hanami party

Have you ever seen sakura in Japan? Hanami season is coming soon, but it will pass so quickly. If you have never seen it and you are in Japan, I suggest you  go to Hanami this year. Sakura Hostel Asakusa will have Hanami party. Let’s join it!   r.                         Sakura Event  

Sakura House KENDO club on launch ??

Hi everyone : ) I visited my parents house yesterday, and found my KENDO protectors at storage room…                     Wow, Nostalgic junior high school days…  It’s been more than 15 years from my last KENDO match, but it is interesting to know that now I am feeling like playing KENDO. : ) If Sakura House launched Sakura House KENDO club ,  is there anyone who wants to participate ?? Well, before launching Sakura KENDO club, I need to search for the DOJO where we can train hard.. But we know many of Sakura House residents are playing either Judo, Aikido or Kendo. It’s getting […]

Intro to Shoinjinja : Sakura House Staff Blog

I am sure that the Sakura House Blog readers have an interest in studying Japanese and have also tried many methods to approach their studies. While textbooks, conversation partners, and flashcards are all effective ways to improve, has the thought of spiritual support ever come to mind?! From Shibuya, take the Den-en-toshi Line to Sangenjyaya.  Then take the Setagaya Line, which has a more local flavor, to Shoinjinjyamae Station.  Exit Shoinjinjyamae Station and take a left.  Go straight until you see Shoinjinjya.     Shoinjinjya is named after Shoin-sensei who was teacher and scholar from around the end of the Edo era.  The shrine itself is made of wood and […]

Ever Heard of Cat Cafes?

Hi Guys!      I’m Dolly, and I work at a place where people come in to spend time with us. They pay to do just that! These places are called cat cafes, and they are all over the country now. Do you have cat cafes in your home country? My guess is they are unique to Japan.   I had two customers the other day. They were sisters who missed having a pet for a few years. One of them wouldn’t leave me alone, so I bit her hard. She was upset. I’m a Ragdoll, so she may have thought I was gentle.  There are twelve of us in the cafe, and we are all different. I think […]