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Intro to Shoinjinja : Sakura House Staff Blog

Intro to Shoinjinja : Sakura House Staff Blog

I am sure that the Sakura House Blog readers have an interest in studying Japanese and have also tried many methods to approach their studies. While textbooks, conversation partners, and flashcards are all effective ways to improve, has the thought of spiritual support ever come to mind?! From Shibuya, take the Den-en-toshi Line to Sangenjyaya.  [...]

Dolly in a Japanese nabe pot

Ever Heard of Cat Cafes?

Hi Guys!      I’m Dolly, and I work at a place where people come in to spend time with us. They pay to do just that! These places are called cat cafes, and they are all over the country now. Do you have cat cafes in your home country? My guess is they are unique to Japan.   [...]