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☆New Shopping Complex @Shibuya – Hikarie☆

Good mornig, everyone! How` s your weekend going? I dropped by Hikarie, new shopping &entertainment complex connected to Shibuya sta. opened this passed Thurs. Due to the fact that the various types of famous and popular stores @ Hikarie, it gets a lot of publicity before the opening. The impact of adv. was amazing… This is the result of it. Soooo fully packed….. Looong line up getting on the escalator…. You know  what? The complex is the right place to  explore the unique Jap. culture! ☆Tenugui – Jap. Styled Towel☆ Why don`t you get one for your souvenirs? ☆Osouzai, Jap. Side Dishes:  Look Sooo Yummy☆ ☆Who likes Anmitsu , Jap. Sweet?!☆ Golden […]

Ride the “AKIRA BIKE”

I had a chance to visit KATSUOHIRO OTOMO GENGA-TEN (Exhibitions of original MANGA) Mr. OTOMO is a very famous manga artist,creator of the most popular anime : “AKIRA”. His works are known around the world. You can see the original “AKIRA” and you can ride the “AKIRA BIKE” in this exhibition! KATSUOHIRO OTOMO GENGA-TEN (Exhibitions of original MANGA) 9/April/2012 – 30/May/2012   1500yen Add: 6-11-14 Sotokanda Chiyodaku Tokyo Information :


Have you ever tried Mikoshi before? You can see Mikoshi in local festivals in Japan.         There will be a festival near one of our sister hotel, Sakura Hotel Jimbocho. If you have no plan on May 5th,  please join it.  

Back to hometown (Higashikagawa-city)

Last month I had 3 days off so I visited my parents. My home town is in Shikoku (四国)so that is quite far away from Tokyo. However if you travel by plane, it takes only 1 hour. My mother picked me up at the airport and we visited my grandfather. He is living in a very, very old japanese House with a beautiful japanse garden. Later on we visited my uncles’s fish restaurant and we had a good time there. It was very refreshing to get out of Tokyo for few days. I recommend to everybody to go for a trip to the “Inaka田舎” for few days in order to […]

New Baby 【Japanese crested ibis】 in 36 years

Hi everyone ! : )  Let me talk about some biology issue today : ) Have you heard about `Japanese crested ibis` = TOKI(in Japanese) ?? That’s the name of  bird, ‘Nipponia Nippon’ as scientific name, obviously representing Japan from it’s name. They used to be with a wide distribution in Eastern asia , but sadly, nowadays in wild nature, we only can confirm 760 in China,  and 49 in Sado island of Japan  (as in 2009) and they are seriously listed on the Red List.        【stuffed TOKI】         But on 22nd of April 2012, we had a very good, and surprising news from Japanese Sado island, with official announcement that they confirmed […]

GOLDEN WEEK is coming up!

Have you ever heard of “Golden Week”?? It is Japa-nglish word meaning our big holiday from the end of April to the beginning of May.   Starting from April 29, “Showa Day”, it was known as Showa era’s Emperor’s birthday, then May 3, Constitution Memorial Day, May 4, Greenery Day, and May 5, Children’s Day.   These are all holidays, and with the conbination of Saturdays and Sundays, this will be the holiday of 7 days or some years even more!   You may know that Japanese people tend not to have big holiday, so this is the biggest one of the year! There will be people everywhere, at the train station, airport, shopping mall, high way, […]

Jumbo Parfait in Ekoda :0)

Jumbo Parfait in Ekoda :0)

The local stores in the classical shopping street and 3 colleges, Musashi University, Musashino Academia Musicae, and Nihon University College of Art coexist in the town of Ekoda. The oldest kissaten* Toki is my favorite shop in this town. * Japanese style coffee shop which usually serve some snack as well. The shop is popular among the students in the nearby colleges and local residents. Toki has special menu that you should check out.       Here it is!              Jumbo Parfait! :0)     Variety of toppings never dissappoints me.       I tried it with chestnuts as topping this time! People in the shop watch me […]

Motorcycle ride around the Tokyo Bay

The Sakura House staffs often spends time together off work, drinking after work, bbq, hiking, picnic, futsal etc but this time, 4 of us gathered for a motorcycle ride to Chiba prefecture. Only Junya had his own bike, so Takahiro / Tomoya / Suzie hired a rental bike at a shop in Shinjuku. Since it was more than 4yrs ago that I rode one the last time, I was so nervous! My first goal was to get out of Tokyo quickly, since the traffic and the car fumes doesn’t make a pleasant ride.   After the Tokyo traffic, comes the highway called the AQUA LINE which goes across the Tokyo […]

Origami workshop

Have you ever tried Origami before? You might say ” What is Orogami? ” before that. Origami is the traditional Japanese art by folding paper. There is Origami workshop at Sakura Hostel Asakusa tomorrow. As for me, I am good at making plane, but I can not make crane. If you have time,  let’s join the workshop to try Origami.

☆Ohanami Festival @ Nakameguro☆

Good morning, everyone! It`s lovely spring weather here in Tokyo!  Do you miss the sakura viewing, Ohanami?   Speaking of Ohanami, when I went to Ohanami along Meguro river the first week of Apr., some interesting events were going on along the area.      Looooooooook! Soooo many Sanma ,  Pacific Sauries!!! Sanma& Meguro are known for Rakugo, traditional comic storytelling ☆   The Jap. Tea Ceremony! Have you ever tried Maccha before?    The Japanese Sword Performance☆ Cool Samurai~☆   Lastly, Enjoy the beautiful Ohanami♪(●^o^●)♪ Have a good day, everyone!