Happy Anpan Day!! :)

Anpan (bun filled with red bean paste) is so popular that you can find it at any bakery in Japan!
April 4th is “Anpan Day” in Japan as anpan was served to Meiji Emperor in Hanami party 137 years ago today.
(You can tell that the any small event related to emperor was much more important or honorable to public back then.)
Anpan served there was from a bakery which is now well-known as Kimuraya Sohonten in Ginza today.

So, it was my excuse to drop by a bakery and buy anpan after visiting SAKURA HOUSE Tomigaya A. :)
No one can blame me for buying 3 of them! :)

Regular anpan (up).
Baguette anpan (right bottom).
and my favorite hero Anpan-man! :)  (left bottom)
He he. 
Anpan has been one of my favorite bread all the tim…………….. wait!

Anpan-man filled with chocolate whipped cream 170 yen

Oh, my… what drove them to do this to our lovely hero? :-O

I found Anpan-man cookies there!

What can we do to make his poor colleague Shokupan-man and Currybread-man more popular so that they will be a part of the lineup in bakeries? :( * Anpan-man and his colleagues

Kimuraya Sohonten (Bakery Ginza)

■Donky (Bakery in Tomigaya/ Yoyogi hachiman)

Nearby SAKURA HOUSE premises
■SAKURA HOUSE Yoyogi Koen Apt.

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