☆Friendly Home Party@ Kami itabashi B.C&D☆


Good afternoon, everyone!  Have you been enjoying the beautiful sakura viewing and lovely weather?
I had chance to join in the friendly home party hosted by  Mr.&Mrs. Kato, the ower of Sakura House  Kamiitabashi B,C, &D building  last Sun.
The party was held @ the nice spaced patio in front of Kamiitabashi C building.
About 15 people including our lovely residents & friends of the landlord were getting together.
Under the great weather, we enjoyed each other`s company with having various yummy homemade dishes that  Mr.&Mrs. Kato prepared for us.
☆Fried shrimps, sweet potatoes,&sweet small green peppers☆ Yummy !
   Do you know Oshinko “Pickled vegetables”?!                                                                       
The residents @ Kamiitabashi BC&D are very international and friendly.
We heard a couple good news which made everyone smile and happy during the time. 
One of the resident from India staying with us about a year will get married in about  two weeks!
We are soooooo happy for him and wish for his marriage life will be blessed with a lot of happiness☆
The other lovely thing was that a lady from Korea came to Japan the day before the party. 
She must be exhausted from her travel, but she is having really good time and finally went to
Sakura viewing with other residents after the party.  What a lovely story ! 
Because Sakura House residents are from all over the world, there are various opportunities to know 
people from different countries and share their experiences with the others.
By the way, Sakura House organizes diverse events on a regular basis.
 (Please check the website for the further info. http://www.sakura-house.com/en/)   
Lastly, big thanks to  Mr.&Mrs. Kato. Thank you very much for having the warm home party!
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