Jumbo Parfait in Ekoda :0)

The local stores in the classical shopping street and 3 colleges, Musashi University, Musashino Academia Musicae, and Nihon University College of Art coexist in the town of Ekoda.
The oldest kissaten* Toki is my favorite shop in this town.
* Japanese style coffee shop which usually serve some snack as well.
The shop is popular among the students in the nearby colleges and local residents.
Toki has special menu that you should check out.
Here it is!

Jumbo Parfait! :0)

Variety of toppings never dissappoints me.
I tried it with chestnuts as topping this time!

People in the shop watch me and my parfait, but I never let them bother my special time or the parfait will start melting.

Itadakimasu! :0)

Wow! Chestnuts actually go really well with ice cream!

Toki doesn’t add cereal to parfait like some other shops do.

The glass is full of ice cream! Woo hoo! XD

“I make this parfait but never tried myself,”

says the master of Toki.

So, it was my lunch for today…

or just part of it!

I couldn’t help but get a plate of pasta as well!
Toki‘s “small” means “medium” in many other shops and restaurants.

But it didn’t take 5 minutes to finish. Yum! ( ´∞`)=3


Curry with a pork cutlet was pretty appealing, but I should stop here.

Tea was free! Lucky me!

The waitress handed me a souvenir too!


It was a bit cold after eating the parfait, but their service was nice and warm.

Toki must be the oldest and most heart-warming kissaten in this town!

Thank you to everyone in Toki.

Now it’s still good season for strawberries, so I’ll be back for a strawberry parfait soon!

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  1. Baby Tanuki
    Baby Tanuki
    2014/03/13 at 10:57 AM |
    I am going to Japan and would like to try their parfait. My friends and I are looking for a nice big parfait like this. Where is this in Ekoda?
  2. frederik
    2014/03/13 at 11:18 AM |
    Hi!! Here is the address:
    It is all written in Japanese but luckily google maps helps ;) Hope you can read through! Let us know if you have more questions!

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