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When I woke up too early before work

When I woke up too early before work

The Sakura House Staff works in 2 shifts. The early shift which is usually called “HAYABAN” is from 8:30am, and the late shift “OSOBAN” is from 11am.   The other day, I woke up as a HAYABAN though I was on OSOBAN. I realized after I hopped on the busy train! I could’ve gone back, but since it was a beautiful sunny day, I decided to visit some places and go for a walk before work.   The first place I visited was the new book shop in DAIKAYAMA, which is not too far from Shibuya. The place is called the DAIKANYAMA T-SITE or, TSUTAYA Here, you can enjoy your […]

Japanese style lunch

Hi there! Do you like Japanese food?  Do you KNOW Japanese food other than Sushi & Tempura?? Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about one of my favorite place to have lunch 🙂   The name of the restaurant is “OOTOYA”, and they have branch everywhere, especially in Tokyo area. There’s one near our office, which some of us often go to. They provide variety of menus very Japanese, just like “mom’s home-made cooking”. That’s one of the reason everybody loves Ootoya. From the fish, chicken, pork to noodles and dessert, they have a lot with some “season’s specials”. Their price is also very attractive, most of the […]


The other day, when I went to Akihabara for room viewing with customer, we encountered a local Matsuri. Matsuri is the Japanese word for a festival. There are many local Matsuri in Tokyo. I took photos of Mikoshi. When you come to Tokyo,  How about join a local Matsuri?

Futsal game at new court in Ochiai-minaminagasaki!!

The most recent game was the 21st April in Ochiai-Minaminagasaki. This futsal court is new one! It’s opened just 1 month ago!! Just 12 people gatherd up, and assembling 2 teams together, we played in 1 hour, working up a good sweat. Everyone played safe with no injuries, and overall the futsal was very popular. We’ll definitely be playing again, so if anyone is interested please give us a contact! SAKURA-HOUSE Ochiai-Minaminagasaki :

Eek! The Creepiest Truck in Tokyo! X(

Eek! The Creepiest Truck in Tokyo! X(

I was heading back to our office in Shinjuku after an appointment. I was about to cross a street, but I stopped right in front of a strange truck. Hmm… I see something on the truck. What’s th… Oh   my   gossssssssh! What a … :-0 This is a part of the advertisement of a new film Sadako 3D. As you may know, Sadako is the creepy lady from the film The Ring.   This one on the truck could be popular in the famous festival in Aomori.      Well, I’m glad that I don’t have a TV at home. :p

Design Festa Vol.35: Part II

Last week my colleague Aki wrote about her experience at Design Festa Vol. 35. I was also fortunate enough to be part of that big event on Saturday, May 12. Little did I know how big and splendid this art event was until I actually got there and saw people roll into the Tokyo Big Site. It truly was a great two-day art event where people of all ages got together to express themselves and welcome those who came to “support” them in many different ways. There were art booths and live performaces including music, dance and fashion shows. We, as part of Sakura House and Sakura Hotels, greeted our […]

Did you get to see the Annular Eclipse?

Did you get to see the Annular Eclipse?

Having lack of sleep recently? The football champion league has started, and most of all, there was the annular eclipse on Monday! Too bad if you couldn’t get yourself out of bed, but for those who did, wasn’t it a spectacular experience? I left my house at 6am and met my friend at a park in Tokyo. Here is what I got… Too bad the electricity line got in the way… The next annular eclipse in Japan would be in year 2030 in Hokkaido. whoa. I think this was the first and the last chance in my whole life to experience the eclipse. The eclipse was fascinating, but also the […]

Tokyo Skytree. The world’s Tallest Tower Opens Today

Hey Sakura people, Tokyo Skytree has officially opend to the public today. I have been near it since we have several properties around, but never been to inside of it. The media says that 8000 of lucky people went into the tower and are having a ball. The Japanese media have been talking about this tower for years by now. Does it really come up to the media hype?  Well, go check it for your self. The height of Tokyo Skytree is 634 meters.Did you know 634 stands for MU=6 SA=3 SHI=4 You know about the legendary swordsman Musashi Miyamoto yeah?

Sakura House Akebonobashi 4 opened on 15th of May with lots of our joy

Hello, everyone ! : ) So, did you succeed on watching the Eclipse today ??  I was on the train at that time and couldn’t make it..  (TT) We are very happy to inform you that our lovely Akebonobashi 4 is now started their operation and being one of our flagship ! : )   Let me put some photes how the house changed. 【Room # 202 Before】                   【Room # 202 After】                     【Common Area Before】                     【Common area After】         […]

Minyo concert

Do you know any Japanese traditional songs? They are called Minyo in Japanese. If you are interested in Minyo, there is free concert in Asakusa. It starts at 7:00pm on May 26th and the location is very close to Hanayashiki. How about haveing  fun at  Hanayashiki daytime and Minyo evening on May 26th?