Are you a big eater? Try this gyōza!

I’ve been getting a big eater these days. Even an extra-large bowl of gyūdon is not enough.

However, what I found in Kagurazaka district is not for me, but for Mr. Takeru Kobayashi.

It’s not a pillow, but 2.5-kg gyōza!
And look! They’ve got more!

This is how food samples at many restaurants in Japan catch our attention.
Which one would you prefer? 1 gigantic gyōza or 100 regular gyōza?

If you want to try the gigantic gyōza here, be sure to make a request a few days in advance.
Ah… Writing this blog entry made me want to eat Chinese food.
I think I will go to a Chinese restaurant for my lunch, not this restaurant though.

For the information of this restaurant, check this out. (in Japanese)


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