How about having one day trip to Kawagoe ?

Hello, everyone : )
We are already on end of May 2012, and it’s good season to go out for one day trip, isn’t it ??

Today, I would like to introduce a town called ‘kawagoe’, where takes only 30minutes from Ikebukuro by train, Tobu Tojo line.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Here are the town of Kawagoe.

How are these ??  It’s good to see those kinds of historical constructions.  : )
Kawagoe is called ‘Ko-Edo’, means ‘little Edo(the old name for Tokyo)’, and the reason why they have so many of

historical constructions is that, in 16th to 17th centry, they thirved as a city under direct control of the Edo shogunate, and also as the centre of circulation.

You shouldn’t forget about, Kawagoe is the cradle land of Japan’s Clock time.

The very fast clock in Japan (A.D.1624-1644?) just stated ticking down in this place.  That is truely  historic accomplishment !!

Let me show you THE CLOCK. Well, it’s not a clock but a ding-dong. They sounded a bell in every few hours.

The great thing about kawagoe is,   such a historical tourist town locates only 30 minutes away from Central Tokyo. : )

There are many places to visit in Kawagoe,  so how about hopping on to Tobu Tojo Line from Ikebukuro and have a ball this weekend  ??

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