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Hello! It is getting hotter and hotter. It is almost summer.   Speaking of summer in Japan,  there are many festivals. On August 4th, you have a chace to join Nakameguro Awaodori festival. Awaodori is one of Japanese traditional dance.   Let’s join Awaodori!

OJ’s Graduation!!

OJ = Akira Ozaki is our maintenance staff in Sakura House, and he worked 9years with us!!(have you seen him at building?) … but today is his final day, because he will go to Australia for 1year from next month! Congrats OJ, have a good traveling!!

Sakura House girls after work

Sakura House girls after work

Don’t you feel like having something refreshing after work? It’s getting humid in Japan, I felt like grabbing a glass of chilled beer!   Today, we came to NIHAO ( hello in Chinese) in Kamata, Ota-ku     We were so hungry, we ordered so much! The famous winged-dumpling giant meat ball stew fried vegi ANKAKE OKOGE ( hmmm I don’t know the name in English)   great food with great price! There’re several branches Chinese food are so all over the world!   if you are looking for a place near this area, Omori shared house Oimachi apartment    


Hey Sakura people, I was at Sakura House Todoroki helping up my maitenance buddy ‘OJ’ to mow the lawn of the backyard. Was a beautiful day, the job was going all smooth.. Unitl I head him scream.. Dear dear.. poor Oj. I took a runner to get some treatment from the near by chemist. Watch out guys.

You Know You’ve Been in Japan Too Long When…

It is a great joy for us at SAKURA HOUSE to communicate with you whenever possible.  Many of you may already be familiar with some of the following signs, but are they really happening to you?!     You’ ve been in Japan too long when….   You bow when you are on the phone. You no longer remember the English names for most types of fish. You’ve started buying strange English t-shirts. You ask people to teach you their phone number. You’ve become extremely nostaligic about sakura. You often wish you had a dekodemo door. You enjoy cooking your own food at restaurants. You don’t think Shibuya is all that crowded. You can […]

Suijo Park in Kawagoe City – Staff Blog – SAKURA HOUSE in Tokyo Japan

Suijo Park in Kawagoe City – Staff Blog – SAKURA HOUSE in Tokyo Japan

I went to Suijo Park in Kawagoe with my husband, daughter and parents-in-law from India. My parents-in-law stayed in Japan for a month. They left few days ago. Suijo Park is in Kawagoe City in Saitama prefecture. About 30 mins by train from Ikebukuro station and there is a bus directly goes to the park. The nearest SAKURA HOUSE is Tsuruse (Apartment). Threre are swimming pool, dog run, fishing place, tennis court etc. I felt so good to sit and relax by the pond. Great place to go out for weekend!! Nice place for dogs too! Suijo Park is in Kawagoe City in Saitama (Japanese)

Very important condition in Japanese real estate scenes.

Hello, everyone : ) I hope  you all having a wonderful weekends. Today, let me talk a little about Japanese real estate scenes, as a bit of an real estate agency. If you are looking for a new place to live,  what kind of conditions will be your first priority ?? Rent ??  Condition of the room ? , or the room size ? Some time,  it’s hard to say exactly what comes first, as you may make the decision with total conditions. In Japan, I am sure many of them would say ‘How close from the station’ will be the first priority. Let’s take a look at a condominium building locates in a certain City in […]



Do you have any famous mountain in your country which is like an icon for your country? In Japan, we do, and I bet you all know! Yes that’s Mt FUJI! You’ll often hear Japanese calling it FUJI-SAN, but the “SAN” doesn’t mean the same with when we call Mr Suzuki as Suzuki-SAN, but the SAN after the FUJI means MOUNTAIN in Japanese. Did you know that you can sometimes see Mr Fuji from Tokyo? It’s usually from the top of the hill or a slope. If you are already in Japan, have you seen any road or a town name with FUJIMI 富士見? It will mean that you can […]

Popular Accomodation Among Foreign Tourists in Tokyo

A top 5 ranking list over the most popular hotels in Tokyo among foreign tourists was broadcasted on TOKYO MX TV’s Check Time on June 19, 2012. Our sister hostel, SAKURA HOSTEL Asakusa, was selected was selected for the number 1 position of the list over all the other popular hotels. As for the TV show, the top 3 is below. Number 1:  SAKURA HOSTEL Asakusa Number 2: Prince Hotel Shinagawa Number 3: Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo The TV show has been uploaded to You Tube. If you are interested in it, please check SAKURA HOSTEL Asakusa’ site.

In to Japanese food?

What is your favorite Japanese food guys? I love foof Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba, and ramen, but they are nothing compare to the real Japanese food. I had a chance to eat ‘Unagi’ and ‘Kaiseki’ style food the other day. They were fantastic. It’s a little too early to eat ‘Unagi’, but it’s the right time to get one since market price is expected to go up ridiculously by this summer!