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☆Summer Festival- Sakura House Staff Blog☆

Many summer festivals are going on !!! I had a chance to go to Brazilian Festival  about a week ago. ☆One of  the main reasons why I went to  the festival is…… I was desperate for the Churrasco!!! LOL☆ ☆Lovely musical stage♪ Do you know Ramos who was the former soccer player? He was on the stage!!!☆ ☆Ebisu Ekimae Bon odori last Sat!!!  Have you ever tired Bon Odori ♪♪♪ before?☆ ☆Speaking of summer festival,  you see yummy cotton candy everywhere☆☆More festivals are coming up in August! Enjoy your summer everyone  ♪(●^o^●)♪☆

Twilight Summer Tour

He everyone ! 🙂 It was scorcher today in Tokyo.. Rather than staying inside your house with air-conditioner switched on, how about enjoying Twilight Summer Tour organized by Sumida-Ku ???   Here are the information. You can hear Yukata, a Japanese summer garment, and I am sure it will be fantastic experience for this summer : )                                   If you are interensted in, pleae feel free to contact them : )   And if you are willing to participate Japanese  MATSURI and Fireworks,  just visit the site below and find out your best ! ● ● […]

Cheap Stuff.

Cheap Stuff.

You may still be hasitating to come to Japan, thinking that everything in Japan is so expensive… But not like when I was a kid. Now there are many 100yen stores and they sell so many different kids of stuff at 100yen. For example, this 100%Vegitable&Fruit Juice… I don’t know how good it is to your health but you cannot ask much when it is only 100yen… But it should be better than drinking coca-cola (???)

Yebisu Garden Place

When I visited one of our share houses in Ebisu, I dropped by Yebisu Garden Place. Have you ever been there? If not, I reccomend to visit there. There are many shops. That is what I want on a hot day. You can watch free movies there on weekends in summer. As for the schedule, please check their web.

Interesting Noodle shop inside Shibuya station

Interesting Noodle shop inside Shibuya station

Do you know the common way to have lunch when you are a busy business man in Tokyo? It’s TACHIGUI SOBA ( noodle stand ) at the platforms of the stations. I found a interesting noodle stand at Shibuya station, on my way to the office. It’s a restaurant for instant Udon & Soba noodle!(link in Japanese only) It’s at the JR Yamanote line platform ( Shinjuku bound) in Shibuya You can check their display, what kind of DONBEE ( name of the instant noodle) menu. They serve regionally marketed flavors too, so you don’t have to travel all the way to Hokkaido or to west of Japan. lol Looks like […]

Fireworks anyone?

Hey guys, How’s the Japanese summer treating you? I ve traveled a lot in my life, and saw fireworks in many countries. I must admit that most of them were quite dissapointing. I do not usually brag about my country but please let me this time. The biggest one of them all is Sumidagawa firewoks. It’s on this Saturday the 28th. Shouldn’t miss out on this one guys.

Back to the good old days in Motohasunuma

With improved transportation in Japan, it has been very easy to travel around in Japan. However, even shinkansen cannot take us back to the past as of July 2012. This is what I found in Motohasunuma for those who wish to enjoy the classical town of Japan. A town of Japan from the old ages appears as a miniature art! Look at the detail! These miniatures are a collection of nostalgic scenes of early Showa period. I myself didn’t grow up in a town like this, but it somehow looks very familiar to me. I wish I could become a small human with a magical tool and take a walk in […]

One of options for small summer trip? – AKEBONOYAMA PARK in Chiba

I went Akebonoyama Park in Chiba with my parents, parents-in-law from India, husband and daughter. Akebonoyama park is about 15 mins by bus from ABIKO station. Very big park which has athletic facility, pond, huge flower garden, windmill, restaurants, small shops etc… It was Tulip festival season. Great place for picnic also! The nearest SAKURA HOUSE is KITASENJU. Akebonoyama Park is nice place to relax for weekend and it can be one of your options for small summer trip 🙂 —

Summer Party @SAKURA HOUSE Kamiitabashi B, C and D!

Last Sunday, July 16, I was invited to a summer party hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Takashi Kato. Mr. and Mrs. Kato own SAKURA HOUSE Kamiitabashi B, C and D.  Kamiitabashi, which is a short train ride from Ikebukuro,  is an attactive residential area characterized by a long shopping street and a nice park. In the springtime, many people visit the park to enjoy the cherry blossoms. I arrived just before the sunset. Mr. and Mrs. Kato had kindly arranged their patio so we could all sit, eat, drink and talk. There was a lot of  food on the tables including sushi, gyoza dumplings, edamame beans, tonkatsu cutlets and so on. We went yum yum with beers in our hands. (I must admit I […]

6 days more to GO for London Olympic Games !!

Hi everyone !! ; ) We are having  gloomy day here in Tokyo today..  (T T) , but it reminded me that we have only 6 day to go for London Olympic games !! : ) Everybody ready to cheer up your home country ???  (*゚□゚)/   Total of 204 countires and regions send athletes to London, and Japan has total 518 athletes and official support staff to London this time. (Sakura House have residents from 146 countries.  We need bit more efforts to catch up the numbers of that..)   As Janapese national, I am expecting good results in Women’s soccer, Judo, Wrestling, and Table Tennis.           […]