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What to have for lunch with a NATSUBATE stomach

What to have for lunch with a NATSUBATE stomach

Do you know what NATSUBATE is? It’s a word we use when our body is worn out by the summer heat. When we have this NATSUBATE stomach, it’s hard to think of what to have for lunch, cause you have no appetite! I had a day like that yesterday, and absolutely couldn’t think of what to have, but I tried a different way, playing a word-association game.   HOT → TROPIC → OKINAWA → Okinawan stir-fry dish with GOYA( bitter melon) In Okinawan, they call the stir-fries CHAMPURU *Chanpurū, alone, simply means “to mix” or “to hash.” So, I went to a casual Okinawan restaurant in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. Just couple […]

Let’s Go To an Aquarium

I had a fun day at an aquarium the other day. It was a quaint little one in the country, but I learned a lot about both marine and fresh water life. Several times a day, they have a special show “starring” Baikal seals. Did you know that Baikal seals are hard to train because they cannot move as fast or swiftly as other kinds of seals? Nevertheless, they try hard and put on a cute show.   And guess what? You don’t have to travel miles to visit an aquarium;  there are some wonderful ones right here in Tokyo!  Kasai Rinkai Aquarium (Tokyo Sea Life Park, Kasai Rinkai Koen Station, JR Keiyo Line)   […]

Japanese Maternity Center – SAKURA HOUSE STAFF BLOG

About two years ago, I gave a birth in a Japanese traditional meternity center called JOSANIN in Saitama prefecture, Japan. My JOSANIN is near to Sakura House Tsuruse and Asakadai. Japanese traditional maternity center doesn’t do any medical treatment such as giving shots, using knives etc. They follow traditional old style of childbirth. But in case of emergency, they have contact and access to medical hospitals. So I had to go for check up sometimes in usual hospital too before due date. I had small contraction one day before giving a birth. When I reached to the JOSANIN next morning, I was having a bigger contraction. My midwife […]

Awaodori(Awa-dance) Festival in Koenji!!

Tokyo Koenji Awaodori Dance Festival is held annually on the last Saturday and Sunday of August. About 188 groups(ren), 12,000 dancers perform Awa dance to lively music and parade through the nine routes set up along the shotengai(shopping promenades), located on both north and south side of JR Koenji Station, and Konan Street of the south. Koenji Awaodori is the second largest of all the Awaodori festivals held throughout Japan, following the one in Tokushima. It also highlights the summer of Tokyo as one of the three largest summer festivals of the area, together with Sumida River Fireworks Festival and Asakusa Samba Carnival. Dancer, music people, audience, everybody dancing in last […]

Higashi Nagasaki Terrace R is now on proceed !! Wating for New open September 10th.

Did you know Sakura House often opens new share houses ?? ‘Higashi Nagasaki Terrace R’ share house is now on proceed, and we cannot wait for New opening day , which is September 10th !!   Currently, we have Sakura House ‘Higashi Nagasaki Terrace’ ,  and the building itself has 2 unit with aterally symmetric floorplan. Sakura House Higashi Nagasaki Terrace : The current ‘Higashi Nagasaki Terrace’ will be ‘L Unit’ after 10th of September, and please expect very fancy & decent New house of ‘R Unit’  ( ゚ー゚)/゚*゙:¨*;.・’;゙:..・☆   Now ‘R Unit ‘ is under the renovation.                         Today , I will be […]

Enjoy the Sunshine & Bleeze in a Share House

Need a house to relax? What about a share house with a nice & cozy space to relax outside? Here’s a list of the share houses with a front/back yard which you can move in now or from early September. – Kami Itabashi “Patio House C”       – Otsuka B       – Higashi Nagasaki B       – Yoyogi Uehara       – Azabu Sendaizaka

Enjoy your Summer! @ Kamakura鎌倉

Enjoy your Summer! @ Kamakura鎌倉

Have you been to Kamakura? An area which is sometimes called “small-kyoto” It only takes 1hr from Shinjuku, Tokyo if you take the JR Shonan Shinjuku line. You can enjoy this town all year around, but I especially like it in summer. Since it was extremely hot on the day I visited, I didn’t walk around the whole area, but was able to shoot some nice pictures. Students gathering around the snack hut at ZENIARAI BENTEN Who’s the lucky one with the DAIKICHI ( great blessing ) with the fortune telling slip? Try your luck for 200yen The SAKE ( rice wine ) barrels dedicated by the locals at TSURUGAOKA […]

Wall of the room.

It’s not so bad to feel that you are being watched by the people you love.

☆Visit Sado Island-Sakura House Staff Blog☆

Have you ever heard anything about Sado Island before? Sado Island is the Sea of Japan off the cost of Niigata Prefecture surrounded by the beautiful nature and also has its unique cultural traditions. I have visited there during Obon , since my family and relatives live in Sado Island. I had super relaxing time in the beautiful nature and also enjoyed  having fresh food , especially, seafood, rice and vegetables. ☆Hydrofoil Niigata⇔Sado☆ If you would like to discover the beautiful nature and unique culture as well as enjoy various kinds of fresh food , Sado Island is highly recommended to visit. Why don`t you visit Sado Island for […]

Yellw Iceberg? Nope. It’s a Jucy Treat of Summer! :)

Yellw Iceberg? Nope. It’s a Jucy Treat of Summer! :)

One day when I visited SAKURA HOUSE Shinjuku Kagurazaka, the kind landlady of the house came into the house and said hello to me. Her smile is one of the things I always look forward to see when I visit the house.   She brought me a bottle of coke with a chunk of fruit. Woo hoo! It’s a big chunk of watermelon! 🙂 and it was actually my first time to try yellow one in my life.   By the way, some Japanese people sprinkle salt over watermelon before eating. It may sound strange to some of you, but it’s actually quite popular way to spice it up in Japan. If […]