What to have for lunch with a NATSUBATE stomach

Do you know what NATSUBATE is? It’s a word we use when our body is worn out by the summer heat.

When we have this NATSUBATE stomach, it’s hard to think of what to have for lunch, cause you have no appetite!

I had a day like that yesterday, and absolutely couldn’t think of what to have, but I tried a different way, playing a word-association game.


HOT TROPIC OKINAWA Okinawan stir-fry dish with GOYA( bitter melon)

In Okinawan, they call the stir-fries CHAMPURU *Chanpurū, alone, simply means “to mix” or “to hash.”

So, I went to a casual Okinawan restaurant in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. Just couple of minutes away from our Shinjuku office.

The restaurant’s name is OKINAWA SOBA YAMBARU.

Yambaru means the north area of the Okinawa main island.

Have you ever seen a ticket vending machine at Japanese casual restaurants? It’s so MUZUKASHII ( difficult ) to figure out the menu isn’t it?

But don’t you worry! most of the places will have a pictured menu, and you can also ask the staff if you need to know what the dish contains.

To order, just give the little ticket to the staff, and wait for couple of minutes…..

Yeah! Okinawa noodle and the stir-fry combo.  The Okinawa noodle is very similar to UDON.

The Okinawan dishes are basically very simple taste with fish stock and salty flavor.

I almost forgot that I didn’t have much appetite!

The bitter melon is a popular vegetable in Okinawa, but now getting very common other areas in Japan, as a summer vegetable that you can grow in your small garden, and more over the bitter taste stimulates your appetite!


It was a relaxing lunch listening to the slow Okinawan music ♪


Now I want to go to OKINAWA!!!

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