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Free Tour @ Asakusa

Free Tour @ Asakusa

Hey all. Were you waiting for the free tour? The Sakura Hostel will hold a Free tour for Sakura House & Hostel guests, around ASAKUSA with the Tokyo city guide club! Join us to explore the downtown entertainment area! please e-mail with the following info. 1. Name & Building name 2. Telephone number 3. Number of people you want to invite and their names. We will have a Temaki Sushi lunch after the tour ( costs 500yen)

Sakura House Shin-Okubo 2F has been changed from Ladies to Mix : )

It’s gloomy here in Tokyo today , but I hope you are all fine !! Today, we would like to introduce our semi-apartment in Okubo. Some of you may know already, but we were operating Shin-Okubo 2nd floor as `Ladies ONLY`, but lucky Guys, we have changed from Ladies only to Mix. : ) Floor plan of Shino-kubo 2 F Okubo-area is known as Koren town,  very lively place and heaps of restaurant to enjoy Koren food. We have Sakura House Shin-Okubo only 5 minutes away from Both Shin-Okubo station and Okubo Station. Shin-Okubo Semi Apartment #2D It’s very nice place, so please visit the apartment with us and find out […]

Heba-what? A Short Guide to the Interesting Dialect of Aomori Prefecture

Hi everyone, It has been a fun first week working for Sakura House. I wanted to take some time to write about a topic I’m very passionate about — Aomori Prefecture.  Aomori Prefecture is the northernmost prefecture on Honshu, Japan’s main island.  It is a beautiful place all year round with four distinct seasons.  I lived in Aomori for three years before moving to Tokyo, and I often get homesick. As is probably the case in your home country, Japan has lots of dialects!  Several of these can only be heard in Aomori, and here’s a quick guide for everyone out there learning Japanese. Some of these will vary based on […]

Great Natural Effect! – Binchou-tan charcoal

Binchō-tan is a traditional charcoal of Japan. Binchō-tan has found uses other than as a fuel. Because it has numerous small pores, it has rich minerals and absorb chemical substances. It can purify water, has hyperthermic effect, freshen air,  effect of the minus ions, humidity conditioning, lessening harmful electronic wave etc,, I sometimes add a bincho-tan to water to purify, and put some to remove chalky flavor while cooking rice. I also put some to shoe cabinet and rooms to freshen the air. Also, put in hot bath,, good for skin because of minerals and hyperthermic effect. Now companies are making bincho-tan based products like socks, shirts, soap, cosmetic items […]

Chie’s Graduation !!

Ms.Chie, she was WEB staff in sakura house until September 2012. She was working 2years with us, and she is one of the most friendliest staff, and good AWAODORI dancer ♪ We missing you too, Chie… Bon Voyage!!!

☆Yebisu Beer Festival -Sakura House Staff Blog☆

Have you had beer brand called Yebisu before? I have had chance to drop by Beer Festival @ Yebisu garden place last weekend. ☆Many kinds of Yebisu  beer and food goes with beer were available☆ ☆So many people @ the event☆Such a lovely atmosphere ☆ ☆Yesbisu garden place is stylish and cozy spot.  Beautiful light up during the night☆ Speaking of Beer festival,  Octobefest is coming up!! Let`s enjoy the Japanese fall with beer ♪(●^o^●)♪

Takoyaki Party This Weekend!

Takoyaki Party This Weekend!

Hi, folks! We would like to announce that there will be another fun event coming up this month! Takoyaki Friendship Party at SAKURA HOSTEL Asakusa! September 29th (SAT) Takoyaki + Beer + Snacks + All-you-can-drink highball + Friends! What else do you need? Huh? You don’t know what takoyaki is? Well, this is the best time then. :0) Takoyaki is one of the popular snacks for sharing with friends or families in Japan! Join us and familiarize yourself with another part of Japanese culture! Check out the detail of the party here! We’ll see you then! 😉 SAKURA HOSTEL Asakusa

Carry a “Mikoshi” !!

Carry a “Mikoshi” !!

It’s the chance again to join the local festival! If you are looking for something to do in Tokyo on Sep 23rd, why don’t you join the Japanse festival and join the “mikoshi” carry? There’s one in Hatagaya ( just few minutes on the train from Shinjuku) meeting at our Sakura Hotel Hatagaya and another one in Ikebukuro. The After party is supposed to ROCK! meeting at our Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro To join, please directly contact to for the HATAGAYA, and for the Ikebukuro Fukuro-matsuri.

This badge means ” I’M PREGNANT ” – Maternity Mark

This badge means “I’m pregnant“. In these days most of pregnant women in Japan have this badges.  Usually most of pregnant women feel morning sickness in their early stage of pregnancy. They suffer from nausea, headache, etc but they cannot take medicine to ease. But people around them cannot notice because they don’t have big bellies yet in early stage. But in early stage of pregnancy is the time when pregnant women really need care and support. So having this badge helps other people to notice pregnant women and give them care like giving seats in train and bus. As I’m also 6 month pregnant, I don’t know how many […]

Respect for the Aged Day Weekend

Konnichiwa! How was your weekend? Our office stayed open and welcomed many guests. My weekend was mostly work, but I managed to see my father for a few hours. My father is 83 years old. The Respect for the Aged Day or Keiro no Hi in Japanese was established 65 years ago in 1947.  It was called Old People’s Day back then! Today, 20% of the Japanese population or one out of five people you encounter, is 65 years old or older. Here is a list of countries by life expectancy presented by the United Nations: Japan, followed by Hong Kong, Switzerland, Israel, Italy, Iceland, Australia, Singapore, Spain and Sweden. Is it all the daily walking we do? Is it the […]