Heba-what? A Short Guide to the Interesting Dialect of Aomori Prefecture

Hi everyone,

It has been a fun first week working for Sakura House.

I wanted to take some time to write about a topic I’m very passionate about — Aomori Prefecture.  Aomori Prefecture is the northernmost prefecture on Honshu, Japan’s main island.  It is a beautiful place all year round with four distinct seasons.  I lived in Aomori for three years before moving to Tokyo, and I often get homesick.



As is probably the case in your home country, Japan has lots of dialects!  Several of these can only be heard in Aomori, and here’s a quick guide for everyone out there learning Japanese.

Some of these will vary based on which region of Aomori you are in, so use caution!

Aomoriben – Japanese – English
  • “wa” – watashi – I, me
  • “na” – anata – you
  • “dousa” – doko he ikimasu ka – where are you going?
  • “wando” – watashitachi – we
  • “donzu” – oshiri – butt
  • “neppute” – nemui – sleepy
  • “jonzu” – jouzu – skilled, to be good at
  • “ndasuke” – hontou da ne? – isn’t that right?
  • “megoi” – kawaii – cute
  • “menkoi” – chou kawaii – super duper cute
This is just some starter vocabulary.  If you ever get a chance to go to this prefecture, you should!  People there are very nice and would be willing to teach you more about their local dialect and customs.   You can see a completely different side of Japan.  Those interested in fresh food and organic farming should also check out Sakura House’s sister company, Tohoku Bokujo Farm! We don’t have an English page quite yet, but you can see some pictures and see the prices on our fresh, 100% ORGANIC vegetables!  In Japan, it is customary to give seasonal gifts.  If you have someone special to give a gift to, we hope you will consider some delicious, fresh food from Tohoku Bokujo Farm!

Horses on Tohoku Farm

Tohoku Bokujo Farm

I hope you enjoyed my quick lesson on Aomori Dialects.  If you want to know more be sure to visit Aomori, the most awesome prefecture in Japan!  Or you can talk to me and I can tell you all about it.

Have a great weekend, Sakura House people.  Until next time.


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