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Matsuri @ Kinshicho

Hey Sakura People, How you all doing?  I was lucky enough to be invited to join a local festival at Kinshicho by the owner of Sakura House Kinshicho B. The residents from Sakura House Kinshicho B have also participated in this huge local event! Our mission was to carry the omikoshi to Ushijima Jinja and come back to where we started off from… Carrying an Omikoshi is not as easy as it looks. Would you be interested to join next year?

New Resident Relations Staff at Sakura House Tokyo

Hi everyone!  My name is Justin Prescott and I’m from Florence, South Carolina in the United States.  Starting today I’ll be working on the Sakura House sales team.  皆さん、よろしくお願いします! I have too many hobbies to list: soccer, music, studying, guitar, DJ/music production, hockey, tennis, Japan, jogging, snowboarding, and a sprinkling of capoeira to name a few.  I majored in economics at Clemson University (GO TIGERS!!) and also studied Japanese.  After graduating I moved to Gonohe Town in Aomori, Japan and taught English for three years.  During that time I was able to travel around much of Southeast Asia.  Like most residents at Sakura House, I have the travel bug – I […]

☆Vietnam Festival-Sakura House Staff Blog☆

Many festival are going on around Tokyo!!! Have you had any chance to go to festival? I`ve dropped by Vietnam festival going on at Yoyogi Park last Saturday. It was interesting festival, since not only Vietnam food but also various ethnic food were available. Moreover, diverse attractive events were going on. ☆ Although I wanted to have Pho noodle from Vietnam,  I had Pattai from Thailand instead, since there were loooong lineup for Pho noodle. The Pattai was really tasty so it was all good in the end lol☆ ☆ Many fun event were going on. Nice dress and hat♪☆ ☆ Lovely sunny day at  beautiful Yoyogi Park☆ Let`s enjoy the Japanese fall, everyone ♪(●^o^●)♪

Kids “O-MIKOSHI” (a portable shrine)

The smiling faces of the kids who were carrying the “O-mikoshi” (a portable shrine) shouting, “wasshoi, wasshoi!!” big drum with kids.  Cool!!

Is It Worth It?

Hey Sakura People, How you all doing?   One of phenomina around  the globe that people thesedays don’t talk about thier car but thier gadgets. Its it really all that and worth buying one? I would like to hear about your thoughts. Saw some critisism about the new iPhone 5, such as “Steve would never sell something like this, if he was still around.” This is a bit off the topic. Some says, “iPhone Users are more optimistic than….”. Is it really true?

Interviews to our former resident ‘Deniz’-san

Hello, this is Sakura House Jun and I hope you all having  a womderful days. In Tokyo, we have many of Japanese language school, and did you know that Intercultural Institute of Japan is one of our best clinent ?? And we are happy to inform you that one of our former resident ‘Deniz-san’ interviewed about his life and school in Japan.                                                 Thank you very much Deniz-san !   Intercultural Institute of Japan is locating at Taito-ku in Tokyo (Okachimachi Station) and we have many of our […]

☆Shibuya Hikawa Jinja Fall Festival – Sakura House Staff Blog☆

I had chance to drop by the fall festival @ Shibuya Hikawa Jinja last weekend. It was an energetic festival, since many portable shrines were carried and also various food & leisure stalls were available. Moreover,  the unique traditional show was played at the festival. ☆Soooo many lively people @ the festival☆ ☆I bought a turtle here last year and he becomes pretty huuuuuuge  LOL☆ ☆Let`s enjoy the fall festival, everyone!☆

Japanese Traditional Community Festival

I went to the traditional community festival called ENNICHI(縁日) near my house last weekend. It was in Katsuse park near Fujimino station.(tobu tojo line) The nearest Sakura House is Tsuruse. Children from a kindergarten were beating drums and dancing. The sound was very exciting! OHAYASHI(musical accompaniments) were playing Japanese traditional instruments like drums, Japanese flute etc. Kids were carrying a small MIKOSHI( (often improperly translated as portable Shinto Shrine). There were so many small shops to sell sweets, stir-fried noodles, snacks etc… My daughter was having a Tofu doughnut. She was happy with a  ballon which she got from a clown. She was crying when she saw the […]

It is called Harajuku for the elderly

Hello. I visited Harajuku for the elderly for the other day. Do you know where it is? It is Sugamo. Sugamo is on JR Yamanote line. Please go and check there once when you are in Tokyo.

Respect for the Aged Day

Recently, I visited my grandma in Yokohama. I love chatting with her in her quiet house. I like the tatami flooring in her house too. 🙂 After dinner, she brought a box of old pictures of my mom, aunt, uncle, grandpa, and grandma herself. A lots of black & white pictures! Some of them are from about 50 years ago and others are even older! This picture was taken in Mt. Takao, one of the popular mountains to visit in Tokyo. I can’t figure out where this one below was taken. I’m sure it’s from a school trip. I see only few people smiling, and everyone else looks kind of […]