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Hey everyone, We recently had our Halloween party at Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro. We had guests from all over the world! I saw many residents of Sakura House share houses, guests houses, dormitories, and apartments, including Higashi Nagasaki Terrace, Kanamecho, and Nishinippori.   The jello shots were delicious, the music was good, and the costumes were awesome! I rode the train to the party in my Rilakkuma costume.   He’s a famous Japanese character.  Check out my Rilakkuma DJ action! View the rest of the pics here! What did you do for Halloween?  Leave it in a comment. Have a nice week you guys! Justin

My Top 3 Apartments

I have been working at Sakura House  for 3 weeks now and I have visited 12 apartments in Tokyo so far. All the apartments are very good but I would like to introduce my top three! 1st: Kagurazaka Yaraicho I like this place because the street lights at night are beautiful! It has this Japanese feeling. and there are big supermarket and small shops also there are Oedoline and Tozai line for transportation. It`s very convenient!   2nd: Yotsuya 3 chome It`s very close to the station, and you can use 3 subway lines. Although the room is not that big, but the common area is very clean! And the bathtub is […]


Usually when I go back home from work, I have many things to do like laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc,,,   While I’m doing house work, I usually let my daugther to watch TV.   But recently, I bought a Japanese Playing Card called KARUTA and let her play with me instead of just wathcing TV.   My house work will finish late but I thought it will be better for her to gain ability to concentrate and learn more vocabularies and Japanese characters.   In the game, the reciter randomly selects and reads the READING CARDS while the competitors, on their knees, try to beat their opponents at finding the correct matching PICTURE […]

Apartments at Setagaya-ku

Hello! Today I will introduce apartments in Setagaya-ku. Sangenjaya Casa Alegre Sangenjaya is one of popular place in Tokyo. Rooms are neat and spacious. Setagaya Kamimachi Kamimachi  has a cozy atmosphere as typical Setagaya-ku. Rooms are well organized. Please check those apartments.

“Event info” How about learning more about how to protect yourself at the time of a disaster ?

Hello everyone. Staying in Share house in Tokyo is always fun and good experience.  Because rather than living on your own, you can share your informations and good opportunity to find your best friend. But I beleive most of you don’t know much about “How you should act at the time of fire, earthquake or any other disasters” But here we have a good news for you, Sakura House is arranging a tour at Kita-Ku’s Disaster center. How about learning more about how to protect yourself and oyur friends at the time of a disaster ?? When: November 18th   9:00 a.m.  –  12:00 p.m. Meeting place : Nishigahara Station (Tokyo Metro Subway Namboku line) contact & reservation : please e-mail […]

Brand New Sakura House Yukigaya Sneak Peek

Hey Sakura People, If you or any of your friends need a room to rent in Tokyo, I think I have an answer. Check our brand new share house  at Yukigaya, Tokyo Japan. We have been working hard on this particular house for months by now. We planed, and designed this house form scratch! We have 20 years of experience in the business and  we know what we are doing! The official opening day is not yet decided, but will be very soon! Inquire now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

☆ Bettara ichi @ Ebisu Jinja Festival-Sakura House Staff Blog☆

I have had a chance to drop by Ebisu Jinja Festival called Bettara Ichi . Bettara ichi is the food festival with Ebisu shrine starting in the middle of Edo period. The main attraction of the festival is Bettara zuke,  a type of pickled vegetables, which is made by salt-curing radish and pickling washed and dried radish in a mixture of Koji , sugar and mirin . It is a popular Japanese side dish at home for a long period. ☆Bettara Zuke☆ ☆ Very Traditional Japanese Festival in Ebisu Tokyo☆ Many interesting events are coming up around Tokyo ! Let`s enjoy the Japanese fall with us! By the way, Did you know that we […]

Halloween! Sakura House & Sakura Cafe! Japan!

Hello Sakura World, Maybe you’ve celebrated Halloween since you were a child, but do you know the history of Halloween? Halloween is a shortening of “all-hallows eve”, the day before a traditional Christian feast, All Hallows.  The roots of Halloween are pagan.  Most people now think that the dressing up was originally meant to be a way to scare off evil spirits before this holy day. In parts of Europe, turnips were the symbol of Halloween, but when settlers came to North America they used pumpkins instead.  The tradition has carried on into modern times. While children go trick or treating, most young adults (and even some older ones) have […]

Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant in Nagano – SAKURA HOUSE STAFF BLOG

I wrote a bit about the vegetarian restaurant in Nagano few weeks ago in facebook, but I would like to tell you more details of restaurant and food. I went to Nagano by HANA bus. The bus started from Shinjuku near Sakura House Office. and got off in SUWA IC. The vegetarian restaurant in Nagano where my friend took me, the name is “OISHII IE”(おいしい家). You cannot really recognize if it is a restaurant or regular house…. The restaurant is in middle of farm houses…! The owner renovated from old Japanese style of house to restaurant. There are a big yard, kids were playing around 🙂 For kids, we […]

Autumn Futsal Game!!

It was quite late in the fall, and the weather had grown very cold… When that happens, let’s do the sports together!! The most recent game was the 10th October in Ochiai-Minaminagasaki. It was little bit rainy day…   but 15 people gathered up!! and assembling 3 teams together, we played in 1 hour. Final game was all on the court!! 7 people vs 7 people(I was referee), everybody join the game and working up a good sweat. We’ll definitely be playing again, so if anyone is interested please contact to