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Sumo Acecemy Visit & Chanko Breakfast

Hello! On December 12th, there will be an Sakura event named “Sumo Academy & Chanko Breakfast”. Actually, this event has already been fully booked. Here is the itinerary. We will meet up at Sakura Hostel Asakusa for a Chanko nabe breakfast. After that, we will go to Sumo academy and watch the sumo wrestlers’ training. You seldom have a chance to watch sumo training,  so please reserve a Sumo academy tour immediately next time.


Hey Sakura People, How you guys going? I was lucky enough to get invited to celebrate  a great friendship between Japan  and Singapore by The Japan Singapore Association the other night in Azabu, Tokoyo. I was truly proud to meet  ambassador Chin Siat Yoon. The celebration was just amazing, met a lot of interesting people and food was just to die for… On my way home, I walked into an interesting festival at near by Shrine in Azabu-Juban. It’s called TORINOICHI. Celebrated in November each year, and It is one of the Japanese traditions to purchase a decorated bamboo rake. It is suppose to bring us a luck!

Big Nature in Tokyo.

You don’t have to get on a airplane or night bus. Get on a Chuo line instead and go to Okutama, From Shinjuku, it will take you about an hour and half  and you will find yourself in the mountain. Get off at Mitake sta. and walk along the river a little, then you will get to a place for Sake and snack. Sitting down on the bench, where you can look down the river from, you will enjoy fresh flavor of Sake and Hot Oden (Fish cakes in Japanese fish broth).   If you would like to have this great nature as close as possible during your stay in […]

Matsuri at SHINJUKU !?

How are you doing? I was lucky enough to join a local festival at Shinjuku. During the festival, our mission was to carry the omikoshi(portable shrines) to shrine and come back to where we started off from… Carrying an Omikoshi is not as easy as it looks. Would you be interested to join next year?

“What’s Your Favorite Train Station?”

It’s a question I never really thought anyone would ask me.  This is the first time I’ve ever lived in a city, so for someone to ask me what my favorite train station is felt a bit strange, but apparently it’s very normal in Japan.  It’s such a small thing; why would it matter what anyone’s favorite station is?  But the longer I live here, the more I realize that everyone has their favorite places, and often those are the places you go when you need to relax or soul search.  Or maybe you are just passing through, and you’re happy because you feel a certain connection to a place.  […]

Counter Measures Against Disasters Tour on 18th of Nov

Collaborating with Tokyo City Guide Club, 7 of Sakura House Residents visited Tokyo Metropolitan National Disaster center in Kita-ward. It was nice chance to learn more about how to protect yourself and your friends at the time of a disaster !! Displaying the condition of the room after the huge earthquake.  Can you imagine how bad these are ?? (><) We experienced three different earthquake we had before in Japan using the ‘earthquake Machine’ !  One is  Great Kanto earthquake in 1st of Sep, 1923, Great Hanshin Earthquake in 17th of Jan. 1995 and the other is 3.11 earthquake last year.   We realized all those three earthquakes differes at the point in […]

☆♬ ♬ ♬ Enjoy Christmas illumination Vol.2 ♬ Sakura House Staff Blog ♬ ♬ ♬ ☆

Have you had chance to see any beautiful Christmas illumination & decorations already? I have enjoyed seeing the lovely Christmas light displays in Tokyo since the beginning of November. I saw this pretty Christmas illumination in front of Parco Shibuya a couple days before on my way back from Sakura House  Shibuya Maruyamacho Share Hose. . ☆ What a cute house with a pretty tree♬☆ Where are some of your favorite Christmas light displays? ☆Let`s enjoy the Japanese winter with us(●^o^●)♪☆

How do you like to eat MOCHI (Rice Cake) – SAKURA HOUSE STAFF BLOG

Mochi is made by special mochi rice. It is very sticky and chewy like gum. Taste is almost none but slightly sweet. In old time, people used to bake Mochi by traditional charcoal stove. But now usually by pot, microwave or oven toaster. ↑old traditional style of baking Mochi. Mochi is usually for New Year, but nowadays mochi can be regular meal and sweets. Regular ways are to eat with sweet red beans, soybean flour, seaweed and soy sauce etc. But as I searched by internet, I found so many other ways of eating Mochi such as,,,, – stir fry by butter and put little bit of soy sauce – bake Mochi […]

UENO ZOO 130th anniversary!!

Ueno Zoo 130th anniversary!! Ueno Zoological Gardens is the oldest zoo in Japan. Founded in 1882, it has grown over the years, expanded its area to 14.3 ha (35.2 acres) and been the flagship of the Japanese zoo world. Now it’s home to over 2600 animals from 464 different species and provides visitors with learning experience about the diversity of animals as well as fun and enjoyment. So many animals… and kids!! Why not take a great zoo together with your friends? Ueno Zoo Visiter info :

En Haut, En Bas: My First Ballet Lesson

Do you do anything to keep active? As the temperature starts to drop, many of us like to stay home. I am no exception, so I wanted to do something about it. At my previous work place, I was very fortunate to meet a ballet teacher who was a soloist with a prestigious ballet company in Japan. Ms. Keiko Krissman is beautiful both inside and out, and her lessons are so fun and enjoyable an hour goes by quickly. It feels nice to try to move gracefully to the beautiful music Ms. Krissman chose and brought back from Paris for her classes. And ballet is an excellent way to foster self-discipline. Hopefully, I will lose some weight and […]