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Only 2 days left till the new year. Today, it’s the last day before the New Year’s Holiday at the Sakura House office. How was your 2012? Did you watch the London Olympic game? The prime minister in Japan changed ( again ) Baseball player Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui( used to play for the Yankees ) announced his retirement. 4 of the Sakura House staff became a father! Can’t wait what’s gonna happen next year! To our fellow residents. Our office will be closed from Dec 30th till Jan 3rd, but if you have any emergency situation, please contact the Sakura Hotels. Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro Sakura Hostel Asakusa All […]


Hey guys, How you guys going? Did you guys know about Toshikoshi Soba? It’s our tradition to eat soba on new year’s eve. Why? I knew you would ask. Eating soba on new year’s eve meant to be to connecting the year passing and the year coming. A wise man once said “one’s life suppose to be thin, but long.” If you would prefer to live your life  thick and long, then you might have to get yourself some Udon instead.

The end of Christmas in Japan

Today, we took down the decorations in the office.  It’s always sad when it’s time for Christmas to finish. I went to a Christmas party in Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro.  There were lots of people there and I had a great time.  My friend James from Aomori Prefecture was there, and together we played music for the guests for about four hours.  It was tiring but well worth it. What did you do for Christmas in Japan?  Leave a comment telling me how you spent your time.

Happy holidays!!

It’s Christmas today! Are you enjoying this holiday season?? : )   I wondered about , in which era Japanese started celebrating Christams ? Hmmmn, that is interesting to know.. After visitng few websites, I came up with the information that 1900 A.D. was the year Meiji-Ya(pastry shop)  established their shop in Ginza, and Christmas-generated business has begun.                           We are happy to tell you, Sakura House offers Special discounts for you as Christmas gifts! 【Winter Recommendations】※rent  8%-15% OFF I hope you all like our gifts! (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ Save your rent and you can buy something good for your own. ; )   We only […]

Tokyo Mosque Tour

Hello! Do you have any plans for the new year? There  will be one of Sakura event on January 19th, ” Tokyo Mosque Tour”. We’ll pay a visit to the Tokyo Mosque together with our Egyptian staff. After the tour at the mosque Tokyo Camii, we’ll together return to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya for a taste of some really delicious Egyptian drinks and sweets. Why not start off the year by coming to our Mosque tour?

2012 Last Futsal Game!!

Many things have happened this year, but there are only few days left in this year… When that happens, let’s do the sports together!! So cold outside, we have to bundle up, 16 people gathered up! and assembling 3 teams together, we played in 3 hours!! We’ll definitely be playing again new year, so if anyone is interested please contact to  

☆Visit the World Heritage Hiraizumi, Iwate ken – Sakura House Staff Blog☆

☆The beautiful view of Hiraizumi, Snowing around the area ☆ I have visited Hiraizumi where is Nishiiwai Distric , Iwate ken that is now listed as a World Heritage site in the beginning of December. What a beautiful place! ☆Cover trees to protect it against from snow☆ I was very impressed by the area and would like to visit there again during the warm -season. Why don`t you explore the beauty of  World Heritage Hiraizumi ! ☆Chusonji temple,  Beautiful temples and gardens in the district☆

Sakura House Kamata Renewed!!

Konnichiwa. For those who’ve been waiting for a good news, our Kamata shared house is done with the work and has freshly re-opened! Kamata has a extremely good access to the Haneda Int’l Airport, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Yokohama, all within 20 min direct train ride! I personally love this area since they still have the good old market street called SHO-TEN-GAI, and the one close from the shared house has an amazing variety of vegi shops, Japanese deli, drug store, bakery etc. If you want to make an appointment for a room view with us, we can show you the UMEYASHIKI market street! Besides the local market street, there are plenty of […]

The Nabe Season is Here!

Have you ever had sukiyaki? Sukiyaki is a kind of “nabe” and is as popular as sushi or tempura. Nabe literally means “pot” in Japanese, but it is also a term referring to a wide variety of hot pot dishes. People start thinking about nabe dishes as the winter season approaches. It’s fun to pick the cooked ingredients from the pot and add more as necessary. It is even more fun to do it with family and friends. Let’s look at some of the popular nabe dishes; sukiyaki consists of thinly sliced beef, green onion, tofu and shiitake mushrooms. Mizutaki is chicken pieces in clear broth. Chige nabe is a Korean nabe which is becoming very […]


Hey Sakura people, How you guys doing? Christmas is absolutely huge in the western world, but Shogatsu means even more for the Japanese people. I would say when in Japan do as the Japanese do. 1. Stay home, just chill out. Don’t do anything but eat ZONI. 2. Eat Osechi. 3. Call your mates and go to HATSUMOUDE. 4. Step on a scale and see how much you have put on weight.