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Cycling in Tokyo

Recently, I saw this image posted online somewhere, and it really stuck out to me: Apparently, a few years ago, a graffiti artist was spraypainting this all over New York. It’s been only in the past few months that I’ve experienced the joys of cycling for myself.  I owe that to a former roommate from Austria named Robert, who took it upon himself to send me a really cool, fast bike that I admittedly know virtually nothing about.  But I’m spending time on it, figuring things out as I go, and I’m grateful to him for helping me get into bicycles. Due to my newfound hobby I thought it would […]

Ski & Board season has come!

Ski & Board season has come!

Do you remember the heavy snow in Tokyo 2 weeks ago? It’s a tough job to get to work when it snows in Tokyo, but makes it exciting for all skiers and snow boarders. In this time of the season, you’ll see many young people with their boards in West exit of the Shinjuku station. Why? Because the cheap bus tours departs from the Shinjuku West exit area! Even if you don’t have your own ski wears or boards, you can rental them on the spot. My favorite place to to for skiing is FUJITEN. It’s one of the closest skiing ground from Tokyo, and what’s best about this place […]

Cold night Futsal 1/23!! (of course indoor cout…)

The most recent game was the 23rd January in Ochiai-Minaminagasaki. It was so cold day… but 15 people gathered up!! and assembling 2 teams together, with unlimited substitution of players. We played in 1 hour, working up a good sweat. Everyone played safe with no injuries, and overall the futsal was very popular. We’ll definitely be playing again, so if anyone is interested please give us a contact!

SAKURA HOUSE Ladies, Looking for Clothes and Shoes That Fit?

Are you over 165 cm or 5’5″ tall? Then, you are considered tall in this land of the rising sun! Did you know that women’s clothing here is designed and targeted for those around 158 cm or 5’2″? I am over 5’5″ with a large frame, so you can imagine how hard it is for me to find clothes and shoes that fit me.  I like to order clothes online from a company called Nissen. I recently learned that Nissen has opened its flagship store which caters to the needs of plus-size ladies.  The name of the store is SmileLand (03-6416-3666   15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku), and it is located on the 6th floor of PARCO Part 3 in Shibuya. The SmileLand […]

☆One of My Favorite French Restaurant Nearby Our Shinjuku Sakura Office☆

I have had  a chance to drop by lovely french restaurant called Reach out close to our Sakura House Shinjuku office. This restaurant becomes one of my favorite,  since it serves various types of very nice dishes with reasonable prices. I also liked the atmosphere of the place.  Super comfy ! Nice music, pretty layout & decoration etc.. ..☆. By the way,  this place  is  walking distance from Sakura House Shinokubo too When you drop by our Sakura House Shinjuku office, why don`t you enjoy dinner there?

Tasty Tokyo Pizza

So last week I wrote about business/economics.  This week it’s time to take a step back, cool our jets, and talk about pizza. Good pizza. Soul crushingly delicious pizza. Break up with your girlfriend and propose to this pizza pizza. Eat this pizza even though you’re about to run a marathon pizza (don’t worry, it will make you WIN). Disclaimer:  I was neither paid nor given free pizza to write anything about this restaurant in Nakano-Shimbashi, in Nakano-ku, Tokyo.  It’s also close to Nakano-Sakaue. I’ve been living in this area for about 5 months now, and every time I walk past this barely noticeable pizzeria called Akiccio tucked away next […]

Driving License in Japan

Hey Sakura people, It’s not cheap to get one in Japan. Did you know that people usually pay 200,000 yen to 300,000 yen to get one. I have got my drivers license in NSW Australia, and was very different from here. I only had to pop in to authority to have a computer based exam (Multipul choice) to get a learner’s license, and was practically free I thought. You can basically drive on the public road with this license as long as you have someone with a full license on the passenger seat, until you get a full license. In Japan, is very different. I think by law, you can […]


Hello ! Have you ever heard the word ” Setsubun “? Setsubun is a Japanese tradition which warks the day between seasons and usually occurs in February. Ar Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro,  there is a bean throwing ceremony and Sushi roll party as ” Setsubun” on February 3rd. The use of roasted soy beans is to help ward off evil or misfortune and people will scatter them in and outside their houses shouting ” fortune in, devils out! “. We”ll be making rolled sushi based on the traditional food of ” Ehou-sushi”, which apparently, if you eat it while facing the happy direction (and while staying silent) you”ll become happy! We […]

Winter Beach.

Yes. I like the summer beach, walking on the burning sand, feeling the blazing sun on my skin, risking my health. But since there are so many others who love the summer beach more than I do and they do gather at the beach in the summer, I’ d rather stay home,  feeling cool breeze from the A/C and I come out to the beach in a winter instead. It is definitely nice to walk on the beach where you do not have to bump into anyone. You can lie down on the warm sand and relatively gentle sun light without having to take off your big jacket and wool […]

2013 Opening Futsal 1/12 !!

Hello everyone !! So cold these days!  When that happens, let’s do the sports together!! The most recent game was 1/12 in Kugayama. It was good sunny day  and 20 people gathered up!! Assembling 3 teams together, We played in 2 hours! So fun!! We’ll definitely be playing again on 1/23 9pm-10pm, so if anyone is interested please contact to