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Putting on Makeup on the Train?!

I think you will agree that we have a good transportation system in Tokyo. Everyday, we see people doing things on the train during  their commute. It is fun to watch them. People peacefully dozing off, people listening to their favorite music, reading manga, playing games, reading the headlines on their smart phones, etc.  I can’t remember when we started seeing young women putting on makeup on the train. It has been at least three years. What are your thoughts on this?  I am used to it now, but what appalled me recently was when a young woman sat in front of me and started from Step One. Her hair was pulled back with a wide headband. She […]

Winter fishing!!

Let’s go out in the cold!! My personal recommendation lake is Yamanaka-ko  (Yamanashi-ken) Just 3-4 hours from Tokyo  by car  or train, it’s close to Mt Fuji, and you can enjoy winter fishing!! Of course very freezing outside, but don’t worry, you can fishing inside the ship!! Um… pretty worm inside… and just enjoy fishing, fishing, fishing!! After that, fly fish to a crisp at the local Japanese restaurant! Taste, AMAZINNNNNG!! If you get a chance to go to Yamanakako, please try!!

Mountainous Road

Hey guys I took my colleague to Hakone with me in my car. Hakone, Kanagawa is located almost just outside of Tokyo. We both love our cars and talked all day long about our passion for cars. We ended up in Shimoda, Shizuoka… We started off in Tokyo, went pass kanagawa and ended up in Shizuoka. Check out these pics too. Tokyo’s Hottest Startup, Located in Vibrant Harajuku

Open any English tech news website and you’re sure to find the word “startup” somewhere.  It’s the latest boom in the West, with a seemingly endless number of small companies developing new technology and software that promises to impact our daily lives. The startup revolution has been slower in Japan, but there is one in Harajuku doing extraordinary and daring things to the field of translation — Gengo.  Gengo means “language” in Japanese, and language is exactly what Gengo does, but not in the same way as a traditional translation broker.  Located in an inconspicuous renovated apartment building, this company is making waves that ripple far beyond Tokyo, using technology to improve […]

Visit to Tokyo Camii

Last Saturday, a very special tour was organized and conducted by Sakura Hotel Hatagaya; we paid a visit to Tokyo Camii: a picturesque mosque in Yoyogi Uehara, Shibuya-Ku. The purpose of our visit was to learn the history of Tokyo Camii and learn some of the teachings of the Islamic faith. There were about 30 of us in the group. As we walked in, our guide Mr. Shimoyama gave us a warm welcome. We were instantly embraced by its exotic and majestic atmosphere.  The amazing fact is that all the building materials, except for the cement, were brought from Turkey. The mosaic designs made with various tiles were out of this world. We sat in […]

Experience Japanese Cuisine NABE

Experience Japanese Cuisine NABE

Though spring is said to be just around the corner, we’ve been experiencing wintery days recently, with temperatures falling below zero degrees and with snow  just couple of days ago. So yet again, it’s time again to warm up with a good nabe. Nabe (“pot” in literal translation) is a Japanese family dishes of winter. The nabe is more of a “concept” than a recipe.  Heated by a stove on the table, it is a water-based soup, often with fish broth or chicken is prepared in a large pot, where multiple ingredients are dipped and cooked. Sakura House has decided to organize a party for this nabe to warm you […]

☆Revolving sushi bar close to Sakura House Shinjuku office☆

Have you found good revolving sush bars already in Japan? If you live in Japan,  you will realize that there are diverse reasonable  Kaiten zushi  ( Revolving sushi bar ) ♬ Oedokaitenzushi (大江戸回転ずし) located close to our office is one of my favorite revolving sushi bars. . Since it  has various fresh sushi at reasonable price , this place is popular for having lunch among Sakura House Staff, too! When you drop by our office, why don`t you enjoy yummy sushi there? By the way,  we have many popular share house around the area. Sakura House Shibuya Sendagaya Sakura House Nakansakaue Sakura House Shinokubo Enjoy your stay […]

Belated Hatsumoude

Hey Sakura People, How you guys all doing? Have you guys been to the temple or shrine near by? The word “Hatsumoude” refers to a first visit to a temple or shrine for the year. I did my hatsumoude in mid Feb, but it still counts as my hatsumoude! It’s never too late guys. Do it today.

Shimoda, still waitng for the ship to come.

  Shimoda, port town at the south end of Izu peninsula, where Japan opened to the world in 1854.   If you would like to find a place that has a good access to this romantic town, Ota-ku Omori (Share House w/Dormitory) Ota-ku Kamata (Share House) Oimachi Heights (Apartment)      

Learn how to roll a sushi!

Learn how to roll a sushi!

Have you ever tried making a sushi roll? Here is a chance to learn how to make a sushi roll! The workshop will take place at the Sakura Hotel Hatagaya March 2 nd Saturday 2pm-4pm Sushi roll making 4-4:45pm after party fee: 1500 yen per person to participate, please contact with the following details Your name, phone number, your Sakura house building name and room number