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Life with cherry blossom…

Cherry blossom is a flower that symbolizes Japan and the Japanese have a special feeling.   Japanese grow up with cherry blossom, play baseball and cherry blossom… play tennis and cherry blossom… snooze and cherry blossom… We love each other for life…  Past, present, and future…

☆Ohanami &International food @ Yoyogi Park – Sakura House Staff Blog☆

I had a  chance to drop by Yoyogi Park to enjoy pretty cherry blossoms last weekend! Yogogi park is one of my favorite, since there are various sakura trees along  beautiful pond and huge green field. In addition, there are fountain here and there. I was lucky to visit there last weekend, because I did enjoyed having various international stalls such as Thai &Indian food!!! By the way, we have some building around the area. Shibuya Sendagaya Share House Haraju C House Yoyogiuehara Muslim House Cherry blossoms won`t last until last week,  Last chance to enjoy Ohanami! Have a great weekend!!!

Night out at Ginza

Night out at Ginza

銀座といえば、日本最大の繁華街で随一の高級店街。 Ginza, Tokyo is the largest downtown in japan, lined with prestigious shops. The town used to be known as the most expensive neighborhood and was difficult to spend the night without a bundle of notes. Recently there’re more casual shops in this neighborhood, like UNIQLO and H&M, easy for us the ordinary folks to visit this town. lol There are still those expensive bars, restaurants and shops, but you can find casual bars too. One of my favorite place to go is the three hundred bar! I’d say it’s the most friendliest bar in the area, and the main reason I go is because all menu is 300 yen […]

Japan: Do’s and Don’ts in business

Hey guys. Can’t complain about the weather any more. Gotta love the Sakura season. Would these tips help? I ll post Do’s this time. Do’s Be on time. – The Golden Rule. Simply don’t be late. This is considered blatantly disrespectful in Japan. Being excessively early is inappropriate, too. Aim to arrive 5-10 minutes before scheduled meeting time. Pay careful attention to hierarchy. – With its feudal roots still firmly embedded, hierarchy plays a crucial role in both social and business relations in Japan. Bottom line: Pay due respect to seniors members of any group and pay attention to related protocol. Treat business cards (meishi) with care and always be sure to have enough. […]

Shodo (Calligraphy) workchop

Hello! I would suggest joining an event today. On April 21st, there is Shodo workshop at Sakura Hostel Asakusa. You can learn your names in Kanji (Chinese/Japanese characters) with authentic ink and papers. Admision is free this time! Do not forget to come to Sakura Hostel Asakusa by 6pm!

My recommended spot for spring jogging : The KANDA-RIVER!

Spring is the season to doing sport! My top recommended spot for spring season jogging is the KANDA-RIVER! I especially recommend the area between Nakano-Sakaue and Ochiai water center,the cherry blossoms are blooming beautifully now! You can enjoy for cycling and jogging, also, it is well-lit at night, so it’s great for night  jogging as well. Let’s go jogging together and enjoy spring, the season for sport!!

Another nite in a local town.

Tokyo is not only about Shinjuku or Shibuya or Asakusa. There are many other non-famous, interesting areas in Tokyo you must see. On this narrow street for boozers in Asagaya, many bards stay open even after the last train. It takes guts to walk into the bars where you can not see the inside but there may be a nice surprise! Open the door of your heart and talk to the people drinking at the bar. People are usually nice and drunk so that you may share a very good time with them, even if you cannot speak Japanese well.   Sakura House nearby this street. Misani Asagaya  (Apt.) […]

☆Let`s enjoy Ohanami – Sakura House Staff Blog☆

Have you had chance to enjoy viewing beautiful cherry blossom already? The full bloom is expected around the end of this week, much earlier than usual. Since I did not want to miss the chance to view sakura before they are fallen, I have dropped by Meguro river, well known for one of popular spots for sakura viewing! Although only some sakura trees were fully bloomed on this passed Wednesday,  I did enjoyed the time viewing lovely sakura by walking along Meguro river. By the way, did you know that  Sakura House Sakaesou Share House is in the area? I have heard a sad new that cherry blossom won`t […]

Sushi Roll Cooking Workshop March 28th, 2013

Hello! “Sushi Roll Cooking Workshop” will take place at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya on March 28th. Have you ever made sushi roll before? Are you interested in making sushi roll? 15 people could join the workshop this time. This workshop has always reached the fixed number. Please reserve in advance.  

Manners in Japan

Hey Sakura people,   How you guys going? A  lot of people talk about Japan, but do you really know the basics? These might help you guys.   It is customary to hold the bowl of rice in one hand (the left for right-handed people) rather than set it on the table, and to use your other hand to hold the chopsticks. When using chopsticks, do not point them at other people, wave them in the air or spear food with them like a fork. You should also never stick your chopsticks into a bowl of rice since this will make them look like sticks of       incense. […]