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Spring Recommendation

Hello! How are you today? It is the last day of April. March and April are the moving season in Japan. Do you have any friends who are still looking for a room? If you have some, you can tell them to check ” Spring Recommendation” on our web. I hope that there is something good for them.      

At the pond, at 6 a.m.

I have started jogging and taking a walk in the morning. I don’t know how many more days I will do it, but, so far, it has been enjoyable.   This Wadabori-park, where probably only neighbors know, is such a beautiful park. Pond, river, trees, temple, succor fields,…. And the morning sun makes everything look so fresh and alive.   Please feel free to be my neighbor and enjoy beautiful mornings. Sakura House Minami Asagaya.      

☆Exotic Spanish Restaurant – Sakura House Staff Blog☆

I have had a chance to drop by Spanish restaurant called  Sala ANDALUZA that can see flamenco show. Flamenco show was not played when I visited, but I could see the show  on a big screen. I was impressed by passionate and energetic dance. ☆Tasty Paella☆   ☆Pretty colorful furniture ☆ ☆Lovely terrace seats☆ If you look for share house in Ebisu area, please check the following. Ebisu B Sala ANDALUZA Have a great golden week(●^o^●)♬

Sarushima –  Tiny Inhabitable Island

Sarushima – Tiny Inhabitable Island

It’s gradually getting warmer now, some days feels like early summer. So, I visited an deserted island  😯 called the SARUSHIMA. This Sarushima is the largest natural island in the Tokyo bay. Though it is the “largest”, it’s only 200m width, 450m length and so very small  😆 From Shinagawa, one of the main station on the Yamanote line, it’s only 1 hr 15min in total including the train, barge and a bit of walk between the station and the wharf. Just an hour and a bit away, and you are there! You can swim at the beach in Summer time, but since the water is still chilly, maybe just […]

“WHAT DO YOU DO” – Hilarious poem about natto by James Kelly

I don’t think he really intended for it to be posted on this blog or others, but a friend of mine in Aomori Prefecture, Japan, recently wrote a poem about being broke and only having natto in the fridge.  Maybe some of you can identify! For those who don’t know, natto is sticky, fermented beans, a strange delicacy here in Japan.  It’s notorious for being disliked by western people.  James doesn’t actually despise natto or anything, but when it’s the only food in your fridge and you have to eat it plain.. well… that’s just heartbreaking. Anyway, here’s the poem, and all credit goes to James (edited a minor spelling […]

Sakura House Yoyogi-Uehara Muslim House on magazine “Hiragana Times”! May Issue!!

Sakura House Yoyogi-Uehara Muslim House on Hiragana Times May Issue!! The magazine that introduces the real Japan to the world Hiragana Times introduces the real Japan to non-Japanese by looking at Japan as an attractive, unique town in the global village. Inside Hiragana Times, the world of Japan becomes reality, and one can experience the cultural frontier between Japan and the rest of the world. Hiragana Times has been published since 1986 and has readers in more than 100 countries. Readers are mainly in their 20s and 30s, but the number of middle-aged and elderly readers has been rapidly increasing in recent years.

Sakura House YOYOGI-KOEN 2 2nd and 3rd floor open tomorrow!

Hey guys,     I am proud to announce that Sakura House Yoyogi Koen 2 2F and 3F will officially open tomorrow!                 Do not miss out on this opportunity to move into one of the most exclusive areas in Tokyo!

Maki Sushi Party & Kimono Dressing Workshop

Hello ! Do you have any plan on April 28th? How about joining Maki Sushi Party at Asakusa? You also have a chance to learn how to wear Kimono at the same time. Time schedule is following. 8:45 Meeting @ Sakura Hostel Asakusa & LEaving for Asakusa Kokaido 9:15 Kimono Dressing Workshop Start! 11:30 Workshop finish & going back to  hostel 12:00 Temaki Sushi Party start! 14:00 Party finish We are waiting for your participation.

☆Sendagaya:Lovely & Relaxing Neighborhood- Sakura House Staff Blog☆

Have you ever  been to Sendagaya before? Since there are some Sakura House building around the area, I  frequently get the chances to drop by the location. Sendagaya is very attractive place for living due to its convenient location,  lovely & relaxing neighborhood. ☆ Need peace of mind?  Enjoy the beauty of nature around Hatonomori shrine.☆ ☆ You like Exercise? Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium is located nearby Sendgaya station.☆ If you look for share house in Sendagaya area,  these premises are highly recommended. ☆Please feel free to contact us at 03-5330-5250☆ Shibuya Sendagay Share House Shibuya Gaien Share House

“Book Off”  in Shirokanedai

“Book Off” in Shirokanedai

Hello! Thirsty for literature? If you love to read but unable to understand more thatn one line of Japanese, we got you the perfect solution. Book Off is a library of used books. You can find any kind of literature but also art books, cooking, photography, children … etc. You can get a huge choice of books in English, well as French and some other languages. The best thing is the price! A “Kinokuniya” a foreign book is on average 1,200 yen …  A Book Off, most of the books are 300 yen! Not only getting new books, but they will also buy your old books too! If you are […]