Sakura House Yoyogi-Uehara Muslim House on magazine “Hiragana Times”! May Issue!!

Sakura House Yoyogi-Uehara Muslim House on Hiragana Times
May Issue!!



The magazine that introduces the real Japan to the world

Hiragana Times introduces the real Japan to non-Japanese by looking at Japan as an attractive, unique town in the global village. Inside Hiragana Times, the world of Japan becomes reality, and one can experience the cultural frontier between Japan and the rest of the world. Hiragana Times has been published since 1986 and has readers in more than 100 countries. Readers are mainly in their 20s and 30s, but the number of middle-aged and elderly readers has been rapidly increasing in recent years.

Monthly Furnished Apartment & Share House Agency in Tokyo Japan
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Nishi Shinjuku K-1 Bldg. 2F, 7-2-6 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo Japan / ZIP code:160-0023
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Fax: (03) 5330-5251 (+81-3-5330-5251)
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    [...] the article: The Muslim House is the first of its kind in Tokyo.  It was also featured in the most recent issue of the Hiragana Times. To read the full article, subscribe to Japan Close-Up. Tweet [...]
  2. モスリムハウス
    2013/05/02 at 5:57 PM |
    [...] 今までに類を見ないシェアーハウスですね。  最近、ヒラガナタイムズの最新号にも取材されました。 At Sakura House, we really hope that this house will make it easier [...]

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