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OTA-KU YUKIGAYA-OTSUKA Spacious share house/dormitory with fast commute to Gotanda, Kamata, and the JR Yamanote Line.

OTA-KU YUKIGAYA-OTSUKA Spacious share house/dormitory with fast commute to Gotanda, Kamata, and the JR Yamanote Line.

Yukigaya Otsuka share house opened in late 2012, this spacious and clean share house features new appliances (as of 2012), solid hardwood floors in all rooms, and one of the best atmospheres Sakura House can offer.  The Yukigaya Otsuka neighborhood is clean, quiet, and safe, and you will definitely feel at home here after a day at work, school, or sightseeing.   Yukigaya Otsuka sta. [Tokyu Ikegami Line] – 4 min. walk Denen Chofu sta. [Tokyu Toyoko Line] – 20 min. walk Location on the Ikegami Line means you can get to Kamata, a great shopping area, and Gotanda, which is located on the Yamanote Line (Tokyo’s main line) easily.  Yukigaya Otsuka is […]

What’s a “Yomoda-kai”?!

For employees at Sakura Hotel and Sakura House (apartments and guest houses), the Yomoda-kai is probably the most well known of all the events we plan.  But the average person, even a Japanese local, probably has no idea what the word “Yomoda” even means. Yomoda is a word that orginates in Ehime, where the dialect is very different from that in Tokyo.  Yomoda is kind of like teasing someone lovingly, and not taking it too seriously.  Some would argue it’s about as close to sarcasm in Japan as you can get! Since yomoda is one of our boss’s favorite words, we’ve named one of our events “Yomoda-kai”, or yomoda meeting. […]

Night canal at Mita-Tamachi.

Night canal at Mita-Tamachi.

Tokyo is a big city and it has so many different faces. Once you visit, there are so many places to explore that you can never get bored. At such a luxurious area, Mita tamachi, you can enjoy canal cruise. Tamachi is mainly known as a business district and it may not be No.1 place to pick for sightseeing. However, there are many nice restaurants and things to watch. You should stop by, even just to see one aspect of Tokyo.   Sakura House Mita-Tamachi.

Egyptian Party

Hello! How are you today? There is an ” Egyptian Party” at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya on June 2nd. Have you ever been to Egypt? If yes, you can share your experience with others! If not, you have a chance to learn Egyptian culture and life from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staff, Mohamed! On the day, you can enjoy belly dance show and Egyptian plates. If  you are interested, please feel free to ask our staff or send us an e-mail.

Welcome party for Uruguay students!

On 5/23 Sakura hotel Asakusa had a big party welcoming 100 Uruguay students who stay our hotel every year of this season. We also invited the ambassador of Uruguay to give us a speech. I was told to help preparing foods and drinks at the party. at first it was very busy because everyone was hungry, so we needed to provide food rapidly. As you know that me, Leo is learning salsa so I have many salsa, bachata, merengue song in my phone. I thought I should share my love of Latin music so I played some salsa and bachata. We started to dance and have fun. As we are having fun, I added […]

☆Good deal! Beijing duck in Tokyo 24 hrs-Sakura House Staff Blog☆

I`ve had a chance to visit Chinese cafe Eight Ebisu branch. I` ve heard some good reputation about the restaurant from my friend and I know the reason why this place is popular and I`ve become a big fan of the place  (●^o^●)♪ ☆ Beijing duck for reasonable price – Wow,  seeing a whole duck is amazing☆ ☆ Very unique atmosphere. You will know  what I am talking about once you go there. My friends really like the place and took so many pics  Lol☆ ☆ Various kinds of  dishes, drinks & dessert  -  Satisfy with yummy food , Good deal!  ☆ If you feel like having Chinese dishes, this […]

HAKONE Day trip destination from Tokyo

HAKONE Day trip destination from Tokyo

  When you are working in middle of the metropolis, don’t you sometimes want to get away from the concrete jungle to the nature? The perfect day trip destination is Hakone. You can reach Hakone directly from Shinjuku by the Odakyu line, taking less than 2 hours. Hakone was once a post-town in the Edo period, with many hotels and rest-inns. Now the town is a famous tourist place. There’s ONSEN (hot-springs), lake, cable car to the hill, many museums etc. This time I visited the Fujiya hotel, which is famous for the hotel which John Lennon, Helen Keller, Charles Chaplin once stayed. ( You can actually see the portraits […]

Pretty view from the hospital window.

This pretty view, from the window at the big hospital. She’s been lying in her bed and seeing it every day, for more than a month. And I’ m hoping  that she will have a different view from a different window very, very soon, even if it may not be as pretty as this one.    

Yokohama Sankeien Garden

Hey Guys!   The weather is warming up lately. Why don’t you get out of Tokyo and discover something new? I would personally suggest Yokohama. A lot of people tend to forget how great Yokohama is. Have you ever heard of this lovely garden in Yokohama called ‘Sankeien’? Not only the garden is so beautiful and elegant. There are countless  historical Japanese architectures too.                                                     Do not forget that Sankeien is having ‘Firefly Festival’ from 6/1 – 6/9!             […]

Tokyo Cotton Club

Are you a live-music enthusiast? Do you attend gigs and concerts often? Do you prefer to see the artists perform up close and in front of a limited crowd? Are you planning to treat your loved ones to a special evening of enchanted music? If your answer to all of the above is yes, then the Tokyo Cotton Club is just the place for you (if you happen to be here). The club is located inside the Tokia Building in Marunouchi (near Tokyo station) and boasts a cosy stage with a superb sound system and lighting. It is one of the hottest places to meet artists of all genres (Rock, […]