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A true authentic couscous Tokyo?!

Hey Sakura People! We had the chance to taste a real authentic Algerian couscous at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!  How often do you get to taste authentic couscous like this in Tokyo? We owe big time for this one to Abdelwafi, a resident of Sakura House Yoyogi Uehara Muslim House. His mother was so kind and generous that she agreed to cook us some truly authentic Algerian couscous. Look at her standing tall at the Kitchen of Sakura House Hatagaya. Great picture Great picture after the authentic couscous experience

Discovering “Serbian cuisine” @ SAKURATEI

Hello! Have you ever tried Serbian Cuisine before? If not, how about joining the event below? “Understanding the country and its culuture from regional cuisine : SERBIA” (Events with the Serbian Embassy) Day : 2013/ Jul / 06(Sat) from PM 01:00 to PM 05:00 Fee : JPY 1,500 (Tax included) Let’s cook international foods on the Teppanyaki (iron griddle) ! The International Artists Center Tokyo (IAC) has collaborated with SAKURA HOUSE to provide an exciting opportunity. There will be special guests from the Embassy of Serbia who will introduce us Serbia and its culture, and teach us how to cook traditional Serbian cuisine. [Date] July 6 (Sat) [Time (Opening)] 1:00 […]

Delicious Organic Mint Tea Now on Sale at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!

Last week I wrote about the Egyptian boom happening recently at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya. This week I was at the hotel again, guiding a news reporter through the hotel and the nearby Sakura House Yoyogiuehara Muslim House. While we spoke with the reporter, the cafe staff served us tea and lunch.  The lunch was the Egyptian kushari, which I’d had before, and then red tea with mint, also Egyptian style.   Just take a look at this! A bit sweet, but the sweetness is cut by the sharp flavor and smell of the mint leaves.  Which, by the way.. don’t those look really big and fresh? That’s because they’re grown […]

Asakusa Walking Tour!

  Dear Sakura House residents and Sakura Hotel customers. Let’s get together and walk around the world-famous (??) Asakusa!!!(500 yen for admission) It will be on July 7th, Sunday, from 11 a.m. For lunch, you can join hand-roll sushi party!!! Please enjoy picking your favorite ingredients from the table and make your original hand-roll!!! If you are interested, please contact This event is limited to 25 people so you’d better hurry!!!

Inside Sakura House Yoyogi Uehara Muslim House

Hi everyone, Our No.1 priority here at Sakura House is to provide accommodation for foreigners in Japan. Regardless of age, sex nationality and religion. How about taking a quick tour of Yoyogi Uehara Muslim House with our representative Khan Abudullah Al Mahmud. Enjoy

Ramadan – A month of Spiritual Awakening

Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, and is a global phenomenon in its own right. The beginning of Ramadan in a country is heralded by the sighting of the new moon of Ramadan (Arabic month) from anywhere within its territories. This year in Japan it is expected to begin on July 9th. The religion of Islam is based on five central tenets such as: Belief in One God (Allah), Prayers (5 times daily), Fasting during the month of Ramadan (Sawm), Compulsory Redistribution of Wealth (Zakat); and Pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj). Ramadan is viewed as a month of salvation and spiritual enlightenment, by Muslims. The most visual aspect […]

☆Shibui!! Nakano Broadway-Sakura House Staff Blog☆

Have you ever heard about Nakano Broadway before? Nakano broadway is well known as the Holy Land of Otaku !!! ☆Unique Otaku Goods & Services☆ ~ Animation, Manga, Figures,  Idol Related Goods, Video games etc… ~ ☆ Reasonable Cloth&Shoes Shops, Various types of Restaurant & Food Court☆ ♬ Fun to walk around the shopping district ♬ By the way, did you know that there is Sakura House right next to Nakano Broadway? Nakano Broadway 620  ☆ ☆Spacious 1 Studio Apartment Available Right Now!! If you are interested in the building, please feel free to contact at 03-5330-5250!!

Tanabata Cocktail Night

Hello! How are you today? July is around the corner. As for July, there is Tanabata Festival. Tanabata is known as the ” star festival” and takes place on the 7th days  of July. On July 7th, according to a Chinese legend,  two stars Altair and Vega, which are usually separated from each other by the milky way, are able to meet. At Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro, there is an event named ”Cocktail Night Tanabata” on July 5th. If you have time, please join the event!



Last minute notice for any one hungry for Japanese traditional performances! SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA and the Performers’ Team “MUJINA” will offer a special performance night! [DATE] June 22nd, 2013 [TIME] from 6 PM to 8 PM [LOCATION] SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA [Location] [ADDMISSION] 500 YEN (includ. 1 drink) Enjoy an amazing collaboration of DJ music, Japanese guiters (Shamisen), drums (Wadaiko), flower arrangement (Ikebana), candle art, and more! You can have funky time with Japanese club music! Drink! Dance! Laugh! and Talk! … Enjoy! Performers: ★DJ Takulow (Mujina Prodution) ★山本 大<津軽三味線>(AMUSE EDUTAINMENT)  -Shamisen (Japanese guiters) ★Kawakami<Lighting>(Neo Candle) ★Tamada<Lighting>(MIRRORBOWLER) ★極楽ドビー<VJ>(MIRRORBOWLER) ★Shige<生花>(宏道流)  -Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) ★BabaRoa<Multinational Dance>(エロエ) ★Lima 哲<sax>(なってるハウス) ★横山知輝<b>(TRAIBAL VILLAGE ASAKUSA/夜霧) ★Team雲龍太鼓 […]

[Update!] – Muslim Friendly Sakura Hotel Hatagaya Featured on TV!

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya has been all over the news lately, thanks in part to this man — Mohammed, the Egyptian Staff, also known as Hotel Hatagaya’s walking billboard! Mohammed has the looks, the mystique, the cooking skills, and the friendliness to put Sakura Hotel Hatagaya on top! But why IS this hotel so on fire lately? Part of it is Mohammed’s ultra-popular Egyptian lunch menu.  Every day tons of customers are coming in to try his Egyptian food.  Recently, the cafe even sold out at lunchtime!  So there’s obviously an explosion of interest in Egyptian food and culture that’s driving people in, but of course that isn’t the only thing. […]