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Hello! How are you today? These days “Pancake” has been so popular in Tokyo. I went to one of famous coffee shops in Shibuya to make a conversational topic the other day. By the way, if you go to Kanda, Jimbocho area, you can also find a “Pancake” in the menu at Sakura Cafe Jimbocho, As for me,   I will try ” Honey Toast” next time there!

☆Sakura House Higashi Nagasaki Terrace & Higashi Nagasaki B☆

Have you ever heard the station called Higashinagasaki before? Higashinagasaki station is on the Seibu Ikebukuro line in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Only 4 mins away from Ikebukuro station by the line. Sakura House Higashinagasaki Terrace &Higashinagasaki B are located near by the station. Higashinagasaki Terrace ☆☆ Higashinagasaki B ☆ ☆ Since some rooms will be opened up soon,  please check it out if you are interested in the area. ☆Convenient location☆ Supermarkets, 100Yen shop ,Convenience stores, various kinds of restaurant are around the station. ☆ Access to 2 stations☆ Higashinagasaki staion by Seibu Ikebukuro – 5 mins. walk Ochiaiminaminagasaki staion by Oedo line – 13 mins walk ☆ I Terrace Ochiaiminaminagasaki,  a new […]

Summer Vacay! Niijima Island Getaway

Summer Vacay! Niijima Island Getaway

In Japan, it’s now the NATSUYASUMI 夏休み ( Summer vacation) season. The students are on their longest holidays, and us adults are wishing we had those long holidays too. Though we’ve finished school, we always feel somewhat excited feeling something special will happen in this holiday season! Most of the Japanese companies will allow you to take couple of days off as a seasonal holiday leave, and Sakura House does too. This year, I decided to visit an island called NIIJIMA, just 2.5 hrs off metropolis by a jet boat. Only 2.5 hrs away, but they often call this island ” tropical island no need to bring a passport “ […]

Farewell to Sakura House’s American Staff, Joe

It’s always sad to see a coworker leave, but it can be especially difficult for us at Sakura House.  Because our staff come from all over the world (and enjoy traveling all over the world!), a staff member’s departure can mean thousands of kilometers between you. So when you lose somebody like Joe, it’s really sad!  If you’ve stayed with Sakura House before, maybe you’ve seen him around your residence doing some maintenance work or cleaning, or maybe at a Sakura Hotel party or group event.  He was one of our friendliest and most approachable staff.  But sometimes, you gotta do what you know is right for you — and […]


代々木公園_19 / ajari You must have visited one of the most major park, Yoyogi Koen before, if you have been staying in Tokyo for a while. There are many Events and Festivals in August. Event Schedule August, 2013. 3(Sat), 4 (Sun) Ocean Peoples @Yoyogi Koen 4(Sun)Earth-day Morning Market@Yoyogi Event Area. 10(Sat) 11(Sun) Latin America Street @ Yoyogi Event Area. 16(Fri)~18(Sun) B-Boy Park 2013 @ Yoyogi-koen Yagai-Stage. 17 (Sat)Jingu Firework Festival @ Kokuritsukyougijyou, Jingu-kyujo 24(Sat)25(Sun) Super YOSAKOI 2013@Harajuku Omote-sando, Yoyogi-Park 24(Sat)25(Sun) Jiman(Proud)Market 2013 @ Yoyogi Event Area. 24(Sat)25(Sun) Japan Udon-Noodle Competition@ Y Yoyogi Event Area. Having such a fun park nearby your place must be such a fun! It will be […]

Iftar Party last Saturday @ Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

Sakura House held its first ever Iftar Party at the Sakura Hotel Hatagaya last Saturday. It was attended by several of our residents and their guests. Iftar is the first meal of the day for Muslims (signifying the break from fasting) during the month of Ramadan. Traditionally, Muslims break their fast with dates, following the prophet’s example. Dates were available on this occasion as well. During the month of Ramadan, date prices all over the world see a hike; and in some markets they are sold with fancy names, fetching hefty prices. The hotel offered an elaborate menu, mainly consisting of several types Egyptian food and drinks. It was fun […]

Arabic Facebook start!!

Can you read them?   Read from right to left in Arabic, so CIBARA ESUOH ARUKAS = SAKURA HOUSE ARABIC is collect! Arabic-speaking the third most common language in the world!   We starting Arabic Facebook page from now on! Please check Our Arabic staff Mr.Mohamed, he has presented television programs!! Of course he speaks English, Japanese, and more! If you meet him at counter or Facebook,  please feel free to say “Hello” !!    

☆ Attractive! Shibuya Sendagaya Share House -Sakura House Staff Blog☆

If you are looking for share house or dormitory in Shibuya area, why don`t you check out Sakura House Shibuya Sendagaya ? ■Easy access to attractive places! ※Walking distance to Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku ※Nearby Kitasando station by Fukutoshin line Only 5 mins. from Kitando sta to Shibuya Fukutoshin line. ※Access to Yoyogi station by Yamanote, Sobu, Oedo line &Sendgaya station by Sobu line. ■ Convenient&Interesting Neighborhood! ※Hatonomori shrine / Surrounded by beautiful greenery. ※Sento (Public bath) /  Just a minute away. ※Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium /  Enjoy exercise! Only 5 minutes away. ■Bicycle Parking Lots ※ Have fun Cycling around Tokyo! ■International atmosphere ※Good opportunity to meet residents from all over the world! If you are interested in the building, please feel free to contact us ☆ ☆

Basic Business Manner in Japan – useful phrases

Basic Business Manner in Japan – useful phrases

Hi. Even being a Japanese in Japan, there are so many business etiquettes and manners to remember.   But here is a very basic words you can remember. WHEN GOING OUT THE OFFICE A :”●●● ni itte mairimasu.”   ( I am going to ●●●) When leaving to the restroom, you don’t necessary need to say where exactly you are going, but just say ” chotto seki wo hazushimasu.” ( I’ll be back very soon) To respond to the above, B: ” itte rasshai”  ( Have a good day, Take care, See you   kind of a phrase) If person A is your superior, you should say “itte rasshai mase” […]

Students from Clemson University Study Abroad in Tokyo!

Hi all, Justin here. A few weeks ago, I went out with three guys from Clemson University, my alma mater, to get lunch in Shinjuku. Clemson’s logo!  GO TIGERS Paul, Jason, Tyler, and Christian (who couldn’t make it, unfortunately) are here studying biotech and doing some research over at the University of Tokyo!  Smart fellas.  But since they were in Tokyo and already staying with Sakura House over in Nishinippori, I thought it would be nice if we got together.  So we decided to go out for some Indian curry at a place nearby, then I took them over to the Tocho building’s observatory to look out over the city. […]