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☆Sakura House Ushigomeyanagicho Share House ☆

I have a chance to drop by Sakura House Ushigomeyanagicho Share House early this week. Ushigomeyanagicho is located in Shinjuku ward, only 12 minutes from Shinjuku nishiguchi station by Subway Oedo line. ☆This area is rich in history and various supermarket/diverse restaurant are available ☆ @Tensojinja (天祖神社)W.  ☆Oscar san from Mexico☆- On the way to Sakura House Ushigomeyanagicho ☆Good access to ….. ※Waseda University –  14 minutes walk ※Sou Fujimoto Architects – 10 minutes walk ※Aikikai Honbudojo-16 minutes walk Since some rooms are Available right now, please contact at 03-5330-5250 if you are interested in the building!!!

SAKURA HOUSE Tokyo Setagaya Shoinjinjamae

Hey Sakura people, How is it going guys? It’s Nobu from Sakura House again. Did you know that you can live in an old school Tokyo neighbourhood thats is only 20 mins away from lively Shibuya? Keen? Then SAKURA HOUSE Shoinjinjamae would be perfect for you. The building is located approximately 10 mins walk from its nearest station Shoinjinjamae (Tokyu Setagaya line). On the way to the building you will walk pass a traditional shopping street. How often do you actually go to a fish shop to get some fish for dinner? Do you go to a traditional butcher for some meat? You will be doing these in SAKURA HOUSE Shoinjinjamae. […]

Night Art Aquarium in Nihonbashi!

I’ve always loved goldfish ever since I was a little kid.  Although I was never able to raise one past a lifespan of about 3 days, the ones I did have (usually won at the county fair) brought me joy in the short time that they stayed alive. So now, when my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to go to an aquarium exhibit in Nihonbashi with thousands of goldfish swimming around, of course I can’t say no!  It’s an “art aquarium”, produced by Hidetomo Kimura, and it only runs during the summer.  And wait a sec… there’s cocktails and DJs at night?  This could be cool. For the full […]

Climbing Mount Fuji – My Suggestions

Climbing Mount Fuji has to be the single most physically-intensive thing I have done in my entire life. However for me, the non-stop rains had bitten out a large chunk of the fun and enthusiasm I had in doing so. I wish to return to the mountain peak again on a nice, sunny day. If you are a prospective climber, you still have around 3 weeks to attempt the feat within this year. However, the mountain inns will still be in operation 2-3 weeks after the official close of the climbing season on September 19th. Many ofthe veteran climbers will recommend that you climb during that time, as there will […]

Monjayaki at Izakaya!

Monjayaki at Izakaya!

First, what is a Monjayaki? It’s a slightly smoother version of Okonomiyakis (Japanese pancake), consisting of flour, yam, egg, cabbage and water and baked on a hot plate table at Izakaya with meat, fish or seafood. Monjayaki comes from Tokyo, unlike the Okonomiyakis are among the specialties of Osaka (better not confuse ^ ^). How to eat this gooey looking dish? You use a tiny spatula. Monjayakis you can also be cooked at home, but it tastes much better when made on the real steel hotplates. The best way to go into the restaurant! In Tokyo, there is the Monjayaki Street in Tsukishima (near the Tsukiji fish market, Ginza and […]

☆Sakura House Uguisudani Share House on JR Yamnote line ☆

I have dropped by Sakura House Uguisudani A&B early this week. If you look for accomodation around Uguisudani, having a good access to  Ueno, Akihabara, Asakusa area, please check this. ☆Dormitry Rent from 40,000 Yen / Share House Rent from 62,000 Yen☆ ☆Uguisudani B302☆ ☆ Uguisudani station is convenient due to 2 JR Line availability, Yamanote & Keihen Tohoku ☆ ■ 1 stop to Ueno station, well known as Ueno Park, Zoo, Tokyo National Museum ete.. ■ Ameyoko, busy market street between Okachimachi and Ueno stations. Various products such as clothes, bags , cosmetics, fresh fish and many more are sold along the street. ■ 3 stops to Akihabara station, […]

Making Delicious Pudding at Sakura Cafe Jimbocho

This week I was out at Sakura Cafe Jimbocho for a business meeting and decided to stop by the cafe to see what the staff were up to.  Turns out I was lucky, because they were in the kitchen making pudding! To be fair, the only pudding I ever made was stuff out of a box that my mom helped me throw together as a kid.  But this stuff… this is real, handmade, quality, organic pudding, and it ends up tasting nothing short of spectacular. Let’s have a look!   The first step is to mix together the eggs, milk, and honey.  That’s all you need to make pudding!  All […]

futebol de salão Salon Football

Hey Sakura people,   Did you know that the word futsal is coming from Portuguese futebol de salão? We will be organising yet another futsal session on this coming Sunday the 25th of Aug 18:pm-20pm at KUGAYAMA. We will absolutely welcome everyone .   Venue: [MK Field] Inokashira Mitaka-Shi Tokyo Meeting Spot 17:30pm @Kugayama Station on Inokashira Line   Please contact Sakura House for more info!!! 03-5330-5250  

Shrines in Tokyo.

Some of you may be excited to come to Japan to see the real temples and shrines. It is definitely nice to visit old cities such as Kyoto, Nara and Kamakura. But there are so many of them in Tokyo as well. They may not be majestic ones but you will find ones you like. This is the small list of shrines I recommend (and Sakura House nearby) Mabashiinari shrine. Neighbors’ shrine in Asagaya. Every year, it has a festival in 2nd Sunday of September. Sakura House In Neighborhood. Minami Asagaya Apt. Yushima Shrine. Very old Shrine. There are so many plum trees and it has a festival in March, […]

Let’s climb Mount Fuji this Weekend!

Hello Everybody, Climbing Mount Fuji could be one of the highlights of this summer, for those of you in and around Tokyo. End of August happens to be the busiest season for climbers here. They come of all ages and nationalities, each eager to set a personal mile-stone in their lives. Mount Fuji has been recently declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Efforts are already underway to conserve the mountain and its fragile eco-system from rampant hikers and business folk. This year will also be the last before strict regulations are enforced. Rumors are afloat that prior registrations with the local city office will become mandatory and the base […]