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Namaste India Fair @ Yoyogi Park

The Namaste India fair was held this weekend, at the Yoyogi Park. It is a yearly event featuring India’s diverse culture, tourism, people and politics, and most importantly FOOD! Thousands of people flocked the venue grounds on both days. This event was a great opportunity to feast on some Indian food, comprising of curries, sherbets, sweets and special rice preparations. There were live performances as well from Indian artists and dancers in the nearby open stage. There were also specialty stores for tea, skin-care products, as well as clothes and handicrafts. Women were seen gathering around shops that offered organic skin decoration services (aka Hena) prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. […]

OKTOBERFEST – special party @ Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro

Hello! How are you today? October is almost here. As for Ocotober, there is OKTOBERFEST ! Please join a special party at Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro on October 5th ! Please check the menu for OKTOBERFEST below. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Tokyo from a new angle

Tokyo from a new angle

There are a thousand ways to discover Tokyo, and hundreds of things to see. Today, I would like to tell you about a new way to visit Tokyo and see the city from a new angle. My advice is to actually go to Odaiba walk across the Rainbow Bridge. You can choose the “northern route” that will give you a view of the city of Tokyo, Sumida River, Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree. Or the “southern route” where you can see the bay of sight, the port of Tokyo and the island of Odaiba. I am personally a fan of the great blue spaces so I took the road south. […]

★Enjoy a traditional shopping district around Komagome -Sakura House Staff Blog★

I had a chance to drop by Sakura House Honkomagome Share House last week. The visit was enjoyable, since a traditional shopping district called Azerea is on the way to the building. Diverse types of restaurants/bars, coffee/sweets shops, supermarket and many more are availalbe around Azerea shopping district. ◆ Share House/ Apartment in Komagome area ■Sakura House Honkomagome Share House  / 6 min.away from Komagome East exit If you would like to enjoy the transitional Japanese shopping district, why don’t`t you visit the area? ■Sakura House Honkomagome 201■ ■Sakura House Komagone②Apartment / 6 min. away Komagome North Exit By the way, Sakura House also provides dormitory and there are some beds available in Uguisudani area. ■Sakura House Uguisudani […]

Futsal in Kugayama on 9/29(Sun) 17pm-20pm!!

Lets enjoy FUTSAL together!! Feel free to contact us! Close our house, Sakura House Kichijoji :

Friendship Party @ the Muslim House

Yesterday, we had another get-together party at the Shibuya Yoyogi-Uehara Muslim House. All-in-all, 21 people graced the event, including 7 Sakura House staff members, and together representing 13 different nationalities. For the event, Sakura Hotel Hatagaya made special food preparations, with menus from Egypt and the Indian subcontinent. The Muslim House has a spacious lounge area, perfect for holding group parties, and so we took advantage of this. The party lasted for almost 3 hours, with residents sharing their experiences of living in Japan. The residents of this particular house, just like in our other houses, came all the way to Japan to pursue their dreams. We met people with […]

Fukuro Festival! Mikoshi! FREE Admission!!!

You might not heard of this event called “Fukuro Matsuri” It is a BIG 4-days-long Festival in Ikebukuro. September 28th Eve party. September 29th Mikoshi Festival (about 30 Mikoshi will be there) You don’t know Mikoshi? Mikoshi is.. HI380193 / UGA October 12th Dance Festival. (Many dancers from all over Japan show their traditional dance) October 13th. Tokyo-Yosakoi Contest. (101Yosakoi dance team will dance to get a top prize) You don’t know Yosakoi? Yosakoi Dance looks just like.. けやきフェスタ2013 よさこいin府中 / HiroTjp And if you are a Sakura House or Sakura Hotel customer, you can join this great event on September 29th, the Mikoshi Festival, for FREE. All you need to join […]

Carry the Mikoshi this weekend !!

Hello! How are you today? We have already annonced it, so you might know that a festival will hold at Hatagaya this weekend. You have a chance to carry a Mikoshi! If you have interest, please contact Sakura Hotel Hatagaya right now!

2013 OKTOBER FEST @ Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro (9/21-10/6)

2013 OKTOBER FEST @ Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro (9/21-10/6) Special events and Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro go together like Oktoberfest! A world famous drinking festival meeting with a country full of people who like drinking alcohol. As has been the Cafe’s practice in the past, this year Oktoberfest will be celebrated from September 21st through October 6th, with a special limited time menu of German delicacies, liquid and otherwise. The first question that probably comes to mind is, what kind of beer will you have for sale? In addition to our normal selection of international beers, we will also be offering the following German beers for a limited time (none of which […]

Lake and nature and lots of fun in suburb of Tokyo.

If you have a good bicycle in Tokyo, you may enjoy visiting many areas in Tokyo. This Tama lake is the one suggestion. It takes about 2 hours by GOOD bicycle. 40 mins by train from Shinjuku. (take Chuo-line and transfer to Seibu-Tamako line and get off at Seibu-yuuenchi-mae) Around this lake, there is a big Seibu-amusement park and Seibu Stadium. Bicycle track is also there so you can ride around the lake enjoying the smell of green. If only whether is nice, you can see Mt.Fuji and skyscrapers in Shinjuku. They weren’t for me, though. It’s shame that this Tama-lake area does not seem to be getting much attention, […]