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Omiyage Galore at Sakura House

At Sakura House, we have staff from all over the world, including France, Bangladesh, the U.S, Korea, China, Taiwan, and even Algeria. But whenever a staff member goes home, we still expect them to bring back omiyage!  Omiyage is the Japanese custom of bringing something back from a trip to give to your colleagues.  Normally it’s just a small snack or sweets or something.  It’s a way to say thanks to your coworkers who helped carry the extra workload while you were gone. So how did our staff who took vacations say thanks this week? Let’s see…   Just look at that spread! What do we have here.. First up […]

Easy fishing “Tsuri-Bori” (Artificial fishing hole)

Fishing is romantic… but if you want play fishing, we need fishing pole, car, basket, etc…  too much cost! So, my recommend fishing is Japanese “Tsuri-bori”. “Tsuri-bori” is an artificial fishing hole  and you can rental fishing items, so good for easy fishing and one day trip. “Tsuri-bori” is many locations in Japan and low price, some “Tsuri-bori” is you can  grill yourself!! let’s try easy fishing!!  

Winter Holiday in Japan

Hey guys, I was just thinking about the weather, that Tokyo or even whole of Japan used to be a lot colder than what it is now when I  was a kid. The real winter won’t even kicks in until February these days. I guess it’s happening all around the globe now. If you are thinking of coming to Japan, we got some great deals available. Have you guys ever thought about going Skiing or Snowboarding whilst you are in Japan?I would say the time is now. If you are thinking of skiing in the world famous powder snow,then you must go to Hokkaido. However, there are a lot of ski […]

Design Festa Vol.38

Design Festa Vol.38

Hello! How are you today? Do you have any plans for the first weekend in November? If not,  how about coming to Tokyo Big Site? There is a big art event ,”Design Festa” ,held on November 2nd and 3rd. If you are a Sakura House resident, we can pass you an invitation card at our office. You can check the pictures of the last time below. Please visit our office to pick up the tickets if you are interested in.

★Visit Sakura House Tokyo Hatchobori Share House – Super Convenient Location♬★

I have had a chance to drop by Sakura House Tokyo Hatchobori Share House early this week. ☆Sakura Hose Tokyo Hatchobori Share House can have an easy access to several stations, 4 min walk from Hatchobori station by JR Keiyo&Subway Hibiya line, 5 min walk from Kayabacho station by Hibiya&Tozai line, 11 min walk from Nihonbashi station by Tozai &Ginza line, 12 min walk from Takaracho station by Toei Asakusa line and 15 min walk from JR Tokyo station. ☆ Diverse Restaurants, Coffee shops &Bars / Several Supermarkets &Convenient stores around the building! ☆Enjoy the scenery of Sumida river! ☆Room# 202 AVAILABLE Right Now! If you are looking for rooms […]

Discover Tokyo … In LEGO

Who does not love LEGOs ? This is a toy loved by any gender, class and geography with its simple possibilities, but endless . Who does not like Tokyo? This is a city that is also loved by many people now the cultural mecca of food, science and art ( and more! ) . However , Tokyo is a city that requires extremely long time to be fully explored (even after nearly 10 years here , I discover new places every day) . Why not have a look at the new LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTER located in Odaiba DECKS ! Most of the most popular districts of Tokyo were fully reproduced […]

Harajuku A House – A Cool History

Working at Sakura House, I get to introduce customers to some really cool buildings.  But as it turns out, the original Sakura House is still the coolest. In 1992, when we first started, we opened this house in Harajuku.  After a few years, some of the rooms were converted into an art gallery called Design Festa Gallery!  Both the gallery and the housing agency have expanded and grown by leaps and bounds since this first building began operating. The rooms that we still rent in the building for monthly stay are extremely popular with artists and young people wishing to experience Harajuku on full blast!  Where else can you live […]

JAPANESE SWORD MUSEUM TOUR!! 11/10(Sun) 12:15pm~


We want your idea.

Do you like cooking? Are you proud of your cooking skill and recipe? Then, please share it with us and make us all smile 😉 Yomoda-kai October 30th (Wed.) 4 p.m.~ We will prepare the ingredients you need. You can have some snacks and drink for free. Your original dish may be on the menu at our cafes in a future. Please e-mail: to join!!!

Eid-Ul-Adha Party

Sakura House organized its first-ever Eid-Ul-Adha party yesterday, at the Shibuya Yoyogi-Uehara friendly house for Muslims. Amidst incessant downpour, the event was attended by 15 residents and 5 staff members. As the Sakura House staff, we tried our best to replicate an authentic event by serving three different kinds of cooked meat. Although Eid is a totally different matter in their respective countries (with the food, family & friends, and fun-fare), the residents appreciated the effort whole-heartedly. ++A short background on Eid-Ul-Adha++ Eid-Ul-Adha (The Feast of the Sacrifice) is the 2nd biggest festival in the Islamic calendar. It is the celebration that succeedes Hajj, the annual gathering of Muslims in […]