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Have you tried cooking on TEPPANYAKI (an iron griddle) before? Join us and let’s enjoy this cool season together! ============================================================== [December 7 (Sat)] TEPPANYAKI Party “Let’s try International Foods on an Iron Griddle” Discovering “PERUVIAN cuisine” @ SAKURATEI restaurant in HARAJUKU with International Artists Center Tokyo (IAC) ============================================================== We love cooking and eating. Let’s cook international foods on Teppanyaki! International Artists Center Tokyo (IAC) has collaborated with SAKURA HOUSE to provide an exciting opportunity. There will be Special Guests from the Embassy of Peru (Peruvian diplomats and chef) who will teach us how to cook traditional Peruvian cuisine. This will be a great opportunity to meet people from all over […]

Sumo watching tour (Asakusa)

Hello! How are you today? Do you know what the national sport of Japan is ? You might know it is Sumo. On September 15th, 2014, SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA staff will guide you to watch the sumo tournament together. [Date] January 15th (WED), 2014 [Meeting Time]  1:30PM [Meeting Place] SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA [Fee] 3,100 yen (Ticket & Lunch Included.) PARTY & TOUR PLAN 1:30 PM – Lunch Party at SAKURAHOSTEL ASAKUSA – Enjoy traditional sumo food and more. – A short review about sumo and the wrestlers who will fight on the day. 2:30 PM – Departing from SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA – Walk to Ryogoku Sumo Stadium by Sumida River (about 40 min.) […]

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (The World’s Largest Suspension Bridge)

The Akashi Kaikyo bridge located in Kobe, still holds the World Record for the longest spanned suspension-bridge in the world. It is one of the awe-inspiring technological marvels that Japan is home to. The bridge was built across the Akashi Straits, some of the world’s most dangerous waterways, due to the prevalence of typhoons. Following a tragic ferry accident in 1955, in which around 180 children lost their lives, the whole country was finally united in the decision to build a bridge. Work finally began in 1988 and it took a decade to complete. The bridge has 6 lanes of traffic and transports over 8 million vehicles every year. The […]

Enjoy stay & Save cost “Dormitory 39000yen – 45000yen” : Sakura House Shibuya Sendagaya

Tokyo is expensive …  but if you save cost for rent, you can spend money for others! My recommendation is “Dormitory”. In a “Dormitory” all facilities are shared the room and the common area. Our dormitories can accommodate 2 to 6 persons in the same room and usually are equipped with twin beds for 2 persons dormitories and bunk beds for larger dormitories. If you looking for dormitory around Shinjuku or Shibuya? Sakura House Shibuya Sendagay building is one of the most popular “Dormitory” house, due to its convenient location, international&energetic atmosphere! Since some beds&share house are available, this might be a good timing to stay with your friends in the same rooms or […]

Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi…is NOT everything about Tokyo.

Tokyo has so many more to offer. Try everything!!!   I went to Sakura House Oshiage B the other day to check the premises before our customer move in. Winding narrow streets and old wooden houses. Many temples and shrines. Deep and real downtown Tokyo. The kind of atmosphere I had not felt for a while.   And here it is. Sky-tree. Relatively new neighbor to this classic area. You may never heard of the name Oshiage. And this is the kind of Tokyo we would also like you to see it and experience it. Oshiage has a great access to many areas for many different kinds of crowds. Hanzomon-line […]

The Seven Stars

Have you heard about the most luxurious passenger train in Japan? It is called the Seven Stars, and it operates exclusively in Kyuushu. The name is derived from the 7 regions of Kyuushu that it travels to (that includes Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kumamoto and Kagoshima). Built by JR Kyuushu at a cost of 3 billion yen, this train has several technological features such as computerized motion control; and several opulent guestrooms, including deluxe and presidential suites. The train’s interior has been furnished from several kinds of wood, giving each suite its own distinctiveness. Some compartments feature panoramic windows for gawking at the wilderness beyond. The train travels in a loop accross […]

Farewell Futsal Game…

The most recent game was the 12th November at Ochiai-minaminagasaki, This town is my home town. It was farewell futsal party,  last time to play game with Mr.Justin… because he will go to Hokkaido for new job. 16 people gathered up!!  Many female players join us, and assembling 3 teams together, with unlimited substitution of players! We played in 1 hour and 30 minutes, working up a good sweat. Everyone enjoyed play game, and we made good memory to Mr Justin at my home town, this is my good memory too. We’ll definitely be playing again, so if anyone is interested please give us a contact!   Close house […]

End-of-Year Party-Bonenkai- Sakura Hostel Asakusa

Hello! How are you today? It is late November already. Time goes by so fast. As for the end of year, it is the season of ” Bonen-kai”(End-of0Year Party)! Sakura House & Hotel Bonen-kai will be held at Sakura Hostel Asakusa on December 6th. Please contact Sakura Hostel Asakusa to join the party. – Date : December 6th (Fri) – Time : 7:00PM-9:00PM – Place : Sakura Hostel Asakusa – Fee : 1,000 yen per person including food and drink

SHODO beauty of Japanese Calligraphy

SHODO beauty of Japanese Calligraphy

When studying Japanese, people often find it’s difficult to right Hiragana and Kanji. One thing I can say about when writing Japanese letters, is “it’s all about space, balance and the figure”. There are no Samurai or Bushido, tea ceremony or geishas often seen in our modern life in Tokyo, but we still practice Japanese Calligraphy at elementary schools and practice our Zen minds. You can’t draw beautiful letters while chatting or without being focused. For people who wants to try, Sakura Group some times organizes work shops. Here are some of my favorite quotes at my local town temple the three causes roil our mind. Greed, Anger, Complaint Live […]


Have you joined SAKURA EVENTS before? For SAKURA HOUSE Residents and SAKURA HOTEL Guests, we hold many seasonal and cultural events. Here are our upcoming fun and interesting SAKURA EVENTS! EVENTS:_____________________________________—–**** [1.] International COOKING Workshop on November 28th [2.] “JOG around the Imperial Palace” on November 30th [3.] End-of-Year Party “BOUNENKAI” on December 6th ______________________________________________—–**** ============================================================== [1.] [November 28 (Thursday)] “International COOKING Workshop” @ IKEBUKURO ============================================================== Love cooking and sharing your original recipes with others? We are looking for people who love cooking and sharing their original receipes with others. Please teach us your original recipes or traditional dishes from your home country! [Date] November 28 (Thurs.) [Time] 4:00 PM […]